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    Country-folk MGTOW music thread

    Someone on MGTOWHQ posted a country song and I started digging into this kind of thing. Feel free to post other songs.

    Johnny Cash - Cry, Cry, Cry

    Jim Reeves - Yonder Comes a Sucker

    Bald headed end of the broom (many covers up to the 1950s)

    Wayne Raney - Adam Come & Get Your Rib

    Wayne Raney - I Was There (song about a guy's journey to not being a doormat)

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    Re: Country-folk MGTOW music thread

    most of this guys music is blue Pill but this one is pretty mgtow
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    Re: Country-folk MGTOW music thread

    Well .. very popular in my area is making funny crossover music between what is considered heavy country-cliche and other styles of music.

    Of course our definition of "country" is quite different from the american definition

    And this is actually a .. love song a little bit worked over:

    Trumpet and metal ? Here we go.

    Metal - reggae and cliched beards, uniforms and hairstyles ??? Here it is
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    Re: Country-folk MGTOW music thread

    Lucky Austrian, that's a highly entertaining reminder that "country" depends on the country! Prosit!

    I'd like to get Latinus to weigh in on this with something Brazilian ... but I can pinch-hit: "Sertanejo" is a music style from northeast Brazil, the "Sertão," which is a semi-arid region similar to the USA's Southwest - "Cowboy Country." It's also, likewise, given over to cattle-ranching, and it has its own "cowboy culture;" there may be some influence from old Hollywood "oaters,", but it's got its own Brazilian flavor.

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    Re: Country-folk MGTOW music thread

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