Takedown of Hashtag dot Cult Part 1


It's extremely rare that I find "Gold" like this. Dishonesty, Twisting of Facts, Selective Editing, Claims of Research and complete ignorance of facts. Completely undeserving of respect in any way. This is their podcast and this is a takedown of part 1 of the series. If this is what we have in store for part 1 I really don't want to know what the other parts are going to be like

This is why you never take the opinions of male feminists and feminists on MGTOW seriously


It was torture having to listen to this podcast if the podcasters were attempting to do sway anyone away from MGTOW they failed miserably

You need to keep in mind here that on their YouTube channel (Morning Pile) they don't allow comments and in some cases don't even allow voting. That tells you all you need to know about this