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    Sick of armchair politics

    The cycles of politically correct propaganda are very regular. Timed, in fact.

    Every four years, the propaganda machines reset themselves and
    start churning out new versions of the same old, agenda driven refuse,
    compost, and fecal matter.


    No politician can represent me, because I do not represent them.
    I do not vote. I have no confidence in this system.

    I can find no logical way wherein I can pay so little and get so much.
    Our relationship is mutually exclusive, and totally voluntary on my part,
    as it is on their part (ie- the body politic.).

    What I represent is something new which I can make, using only the tools
    my cash flow will allow- I pay the system for what I need, nothing more.
    I use my life to solve problems, provide for others, and create things.

    What the system represents is endless, futile existence. Endless consumption,
    endless taxation, endless war, endless voting, endless uselessness of being,
    endless disabled entitlement, and not true humanity. Degradation, depravity,
    socialism and egoistic solipsism.

    True humanity is endlessly capable, intelligent, competent and in action.
    True humanity is going ones' own way.

    What the politicians represent is a gang of thugs, sent by bitches to do bad
    things to people for not complying when forced to use their solution.


    If someone has an idea which is big enough, and they have enough money
    these same thugs could work for them too. If you can get money, they
    want some because they "protect you". That is a CUNT argument-
    Can't Understand Normal Thinking. This is taxation in a nutshell.

    Women are taxable, they are a commodity and THEY FUCKING KNOW IT.

    Women WANT to be included, commanded, and ruled.
    Men are self governing. It is a law of nature and evolution. Undeniable.
    Because if a woman controls a ruling man in any way, she controls
    all which he rules in the same way she controls he who rules.
    Why would she open her legs for anything less?

    If not, the people you hire to represent you might do a piss poor job, and she wants more.
    A woman wants to hold the lash over your employees. Nothing less, and more later.

    Women are unionized. They are herd animals.
    Because they joined a union, against you. Their employer.
    This is the nature of feminism. Control the ruler and control everything else which
    any woman can status wimp their way out of doing. Weakness wants to control
    that which is strong. Strength does not need control, nor does it need status.
    Strength is self evident. Women are not, because they are deceitful.

    That shit has been going on for far too long on Earth and needs to stop, halt,
    forthwith and with alacrity. A cease and desist order, issued by MGTOW, worldwide.

    Tell me, do any of you feel inadequately represented? Have you ever experienced
    a phenomenon I call, "Voters Remorse"? Buyers remorse, or workers' remorse?

    Did you ever do something for money you were eventually not proud to say you did it?

    Have you ever found such disagreement with the so called services for which you
    pay to be so inept, incompetent and oblivious, that you simply stopped shopping there?

    Have you ever wanted for society at large to just piss the fuck off and go away?

    Please, Rant about it here.

    I've been there and done that.
    I'm not ashamed of what I did.
    I was going my own way.

    How was it you found your own path?

    Much love and respect,
    Please share.

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    Re: Sick of armchair politics

    armchair politics?
    I'd rather be an armchair general... *looks for my copy of Red Alert 2*
    "I live in freedom, under my own flag." - Captain Harlock

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C Clarke

    "Who's the more foolish? The Fool? Or the Fool who follows him?" - Obi-wan "Ben" Kenobi

    "In servitutem redigi non recuso" - Latin (translates to "I refuse to be dominated.")

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    Re: Sick of armchair politics

    Quote Originally Posted by Eiji View Post
    armchair politics?
    I'd rather be an armchair general... *looks for my copy of Red Alert 2*
    This is how armchair politics appears to me from the leadership point of view.
    Not from here but in other places IRL, most definitely.
    You probably won't like it, but it's good game theory as far as I have found so far.

    It's only fun to be an armchair general when it isn't real.
    Simulations work in much the same way politics does- by disassociation,
    compartmentalization and isolation.

    All of these pithy notions fade away once you do something stupid as a real general
    and get somebody else hurt. Women don't want a man who is easily hurt.
    They can push a baby out of their crotch, and for you-
    love comes in spurts.

    They want to both respect you and disrespect you at the same time.
    A paradox indeed. I only have a few puzzle pieces- It seems.

    It is the same with everyone who supposes to lead but does not know
    where or when their goal can be accomplished. Any man given any blue pill,
    or any red pill.

    That's the point of voting- to keep the masses involved only at a level which is trivial to
    the individual voter and also which multiplies for the body politic-
    for as many male voters created children, voluntarily. Future voters.

    Voters can't be arrested for crimes committed by those who claim to represent them.
    How ironic that the Nuremberg defense no longer holds water, yet the chain of command

    What happens to the soldiers under the command of a video game armchair general?
    Nothing. It's just a simulation.

    What happens to the real soldiers who obey orders? They kill, and are killed. They maim and are
    maimed. They try to reintegrate and be normal, no matter how impossible and cannot accomplish
    this seemingly simple task from the perspective of anyone who never defended anything but
    a theory- a belief. What exactly happens to those who only obey orders?
    Do they believe because they obey, or do they believe because they disobey?

    Ghandi got shot for asking this question.

    What happened to our leaders?
    They are slaughtered or they are promoted.

    What happens to the real Generals?
    Promotions if enough people die and a pay grade increase can happen.

    What happens to the voter? Taxes.
    What happens to the politician? Collections and protected status.

    Everything I ever learned about life shows up in a chessboard.

    All of life is separated, compartmentalized, segregated and sanitized.
    All recordings are destroyed. All operations cease.

    Then the General in real life cries himself to sleep over those
    who died because they believe in something he cannot say is true.
    In real life, it was his best working theory.

    This line of reasoning implies many things, most of all our
    faults as beings, no matter the gender.

    Every woman who has an abortion experiences this phenomenon.
    Every man who has been destroyed by child support gave up on his long
    term abortions for the state to insure safekeeping,
    when exactly the opposite happened.

    Am I angry? Do I hate?
    You wanted creative? Here ya go.

    What happens to the armchair politician who votes?
    Not much. They pay taxes, parking tickets and fines.
    What happens to the real politician who collects that money?
    Promotions, if enough people pay.
    Most politicians are not prosecuted because they do
    not respect others and feel like they have no boundaries.
    So many voted for them, their ego is overwhelmed.

    It is the same case for any woman with many suitors.
    What sluts.

    When I go my own way nobody gets hurt.
    I live and let live, peacefully.

    Please pardon my moral crisis. This is a rant thread after all.
    Sometimes being real sucks really bad.

    Bro, you complain because women don't look at you and you want them to.
    I complain because women look at me and I don't want them to.

    No woman could live with me for more than say, five honest minutes and not
    run shrieking out of the room and I know it. Them wanting me to want them is

    Have you gone your own way yet?
    Do you want to go your own way?
    Can you?
    What do you need?

    I guarantee you do not need distraction.
    Game theory is not easy. Trust me on this one.

    Tell me,
    You have the microphone.


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