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    Her Heart Was Never Yours

    We’ve all been there. Some woman or girl you thought liked you just up and dropped you like a used dishrag. And it was usually with a guy that would drop her a few weeks or months later because he was bored with her

    How do you stop this from happening? Don’t play the game for one by going MGTOW

    The other is to have some purpose in your life that gives it meaning and doesn’t require external validation. That way your life has something in it regardless of the outcome, or even better yet what someone else tells you is important

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    Re: Her Heart Was Never Yours

    Why is this thread in the rant section? I've only come across it almost a week later.
    Did you place it here intentionally Neroke?

    Edit: Of course you did, what was I thinking?

    O.K. maybe there is a bit of a rant feel to it, but there is so much in this single vid that could speak to many.

    Adoration, forlorn dreams, the other guy, friendzoning. It's all in here in a 12 min. vid. if you care to look and can see the truth of things.

    As someone that was friendzoned - as for the other guy having something more to offer, I have to say sometimes I just didn't see it.

    In one case in particular he (the other guy) was less attractive (to my eyes, but then what do I know), had less wealth or means to accrue wealth, was less intelligent (and I mean dumb - dumb, dumb, dumb), and even if he wanted to he could supply her with nothing, at least nothing more than literally ANY other guy alive. But she went for him anyway.

    As for me, she already thought she had me on a string so I was uninteresting. And maybe, at the time, she was right.

    The one thing he did have though was a "fuck you" attitude. He didn't give a shit about anything or anyone. He acted like a lunatic, and I mean that in the "needs help" category, and this must have been what attracted her to him, and was also what eventually repelled her from him.

    She couldn't control him and this cannot be tolerated in a woman.
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    Re: Her Heart Was Never Yours

    That has got to one of the best responses I’ve had to a post of mine in a while

    The Irony of the situation was the woman in question (miss 2016) broke up with this guy less than four months later

    She tried very hard to get me interested again after that. Some things cannot be walked back though

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