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    Re: Well she finally crossed the line

    Arguing with such a woman, especially one who hates half of the human race, is like wrestling with a pig.

    Everyone gets dirty, but the pig loves it.


    There is no upside. Argue with her, and if convincing her is the goal, there is no "winning." She has found a bigotry that provides her emotional comfort. If you convince her to embrace logic and give up her bigotry, you still "lose," because you have wasted time you could have done to something much more productive. Only time and experience will make her let go of her emotional crutches.

    Take a different tack. Pretend to agree with her while embedding her mind with all sorts of inconvenient facts in her mind. And then, commiserate with her about how will she ever(!) find a man good enough to marry her.

    When you argue, people like to knock down your arguments. When you pretend to agree, but provide two or three counterfactuals, before reiterating their point, they listen.

    "Yes, women ARE smarter than men. Oh, sure, men have submitted more patents, invented and built artificial hearts/cell phones/automobiles/cures for polios, and get more STEM degrees, but that is only because they want to impress women, or because it was easier for women to manipulate men into to doing all the hard work for them."

    I was once in a job interview. I really wanted the job, but the interview wasn't going well, and once I realized that the employer had already made up his mind and that I wasn't going to get the job, I decided to have fun by pretending to agree with him and fuck with his head.

    Fifteen years ago, I was applying for a contract job teaching cadets. The job called for either a reserve or retired captain or major. During the first interview, the lieutenant colonel in charge of the ROTC detachment was very positive I was the guy for the job, and asked me to come back with a third letter of recommendation in a couple of weeks. I did, but in the meantime, I heard he found a younger guy he liked better. I came back for the follow up meeting, and he started nit-picking and sharp shooting my application packet. Eventually, he got around to telling me that as a major in my late 30's, I was "too old" for the job, and that he was going to give it to a captain in his late 20's.

    I started to argue with him. He had anticipated that I would, looked forward to an argument he could not lose, and had prepared all his answers.

    When I realized that I was "wrestling with the pig," I decided to do something he had NOT anticipated I would do.

    I agreed with him.

    Me: "You know sir, you are right."

    Him: "What?!?"

    Me: "You are right. I'm 38 years old. That IS too old to do this job."

    Him: (Taken aback by my sudden agreement with him.) "I'm glad you see things my way."

    Me: "No, no, you were right all along. I mean, you're very perceptive. You can see into the future."

    Him: "The future? What do you mean?"

    Me: "I mean, you can see what the future holds for you."

    Him (curious): "My future?"

    Me (conciliatory): "You are a perceptive, forward looking man. You are, what? 59 years old?"

    Him: "I am 55 years old. But we all know years in the infantry prematurely ages a man."

    Me: "Right! Long marches, days in the hot sun, long days, little sleep. So, fifty FIIIVE years old. So, that makes you the oldest lieutenant colonel on active duty, right?"

    Him: "Yes."

    Me: "Most of your peers are didn't have the years of enlisted time you did, so how young are they when they make lieutenant colonel these days?"

    Him: "Oh, they are just pups, like 40 years old."

    Me: "40 years old?!? Puppies, in deed. Now, which lieutenant colonels get promoted to full colonel? The ones that are given command of combat battalions, or the one that are given command of ROTC detachments?

    Him: "The ones that are given command of "line" battalions."

    Me: "So, usually, the next step for commanders of cadet training detachments like yourself is usually retirement, right?"

    Him (not liking where this had led): "Right. But what does that have to do with anything? With you being too old for this job?"

    Me: "Well, you are going to retire, correct? You'll be a 56, maybe 57 year old retired lieutenant colonel with a pension that is too small to live on. So, you will be looking for a job, right?"

    Him: "Yes. But I have a lot of skills. I'll be a retired lieutenant colonel."

    Me: "Yes, you are. With a distinguished career and a chest full of fruit salad ribbons....which you can't wear on a two piece suit. Most of the Human Resources managers you will be interviewing with are in their 30s. Most of them will never have served a day in the military, so they won't understand your military experience. They are in their 30's, and are convinced that anybody over 40 doesn't understand anything about computers. They'll ask you if you even have a computer at home, and of course you say "Doesn't everybody?" and then, to see if you are bullshitting them, they'll ask you if you have upgraded to Windows 2001. What will you say?"

    Him: "I'll tell them I have."

    Me: "But there is no Windows 2001. The latest upgrade is Windows 2000, so they'll know you're bullshitting them. But even if you do answer all their questions correctly, they can't come out and ask your age....that's age discrimination and against the they just assume you are 60 years old or older,like their grandfather, who is just there to pad their social security and won't stay with the company long enough to be worth all the retraining they will have to invest in you because of all your grey hair....

    Him (interrupting): "I'll get that Grecian Formula stuff and dye my hair."

    Me: "Good thinking....but they'll notice your liver spots. Sir, your hands have more liver spots than a butcher's apron at the end of the day."

    Him: "I'll get my wife to put on some make up foundation on them."

    Me: "Make sure it is some of the good stuff. You don't want it flaking off on their hands when you give them one of your manly ex-army man handshakes. Make sure you wear clothes like the young people are wearing these days. And while you are at it, have you given any thought about getting botox injections or maybe even plastic surgery for all your wrinkles? That 35 year old girl in HR might give a good job to someone that looks like their uncle, but not to someone that reminds them of their grandpa. I think a top notch plastic surgeon could take off 10, maybe even 15 years off your face. That way you would look like you were 50 years old when you compete for those middle-manager jobs with kids who are young enough to be your nephew."

    Him (chagrined, brow furrowed): "Well, I won't have to do all that. I'm going to get into private consulting."

    Me: "That's pretty smart."

    Him (curious): "Why?"

    Me: "You'll get real good at interviewing that way."

    Him: "How come?"

    Me: "Well, if you pursue a salaried position, you only have to keep interviewing until you get a salaried position, and then you can stop. Being an independent contractor or consultant, you'll have to interview and compete for every single piece meal job you get, and when that job end, you have to go out an interview for the next one."

    There was an uncomfortable silence. I said nothing, and looked at and fingered my own, non-liver spotted tops of my hands, while I let him ponder his own fate in the private sector. When I saw the frown come over his face, I knew my work was done.

    Me: "Well sir, you are right. 38 years old....that's too old THIS job. Hell, that's almost too old for a lot of jobs. Heck, you should know. When you were in your late 30s, Jimmy Carter was president. I can't imagine what being in a body that is almost 60 feels like."

    Him: "I'm 55."

    Me: "Yeah, but you'll be 57? 58? when you retire? Maybe a take a year off before you start looking for a civilian job, so you'll be 59? I've taken enough of your time, sir. Why don't you pass me back those documents, and I'll see myself out."

    He started out this meeting looking forward to watching me beg for a job he had already decided to give to someone else. I didn't play his game. With nothing to lose, I decided to use a little verbal judo, agree with him, and then let him chase me until I caught him. I wanted to put a grain a sand in his oyster, put a pebble in his boot. As he lay in bed that night, he would not smile as he thought about knocking down my arguments, but would replay the images I planted in his mind of the late-50s man who looked like he was in 60s, going to interviews to compete with men who were younger than the suits he bought at Sears when Jimmy Carter was president, begging for jobs from kids half his age.

    I got hired at a university about an hour's drive away, and ran into him a few months later. He was the same arrogant, mansplaining boor he was earlier, so when I shook his hand, I made sure to hold the grip until he saw me staring at his liver spots. When he asked me how I was doing, I pulled out a tube of anti-wrinkle cream, rubbed a dab on my face, and said ""I'm doing great. This stuff works miracles. So, with you retiring next year, have you sent out any resumes, yet?" It took that cocky smile right off his face.
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    Re: Well she finally crossed the line

    Anti-wrinkle cream. Ooooh, you fight dirty.
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    Re: Well she finally crossed the line

    Arguing triggers a dopamine response. Arguing with women is futile. It's all about the dopamine and emotional fix for them. Even if you "win", what have you really "won"? You've just given a junkie her emotional/dopamine fix.
    That aside, I believe that women and men cannot truly be friends. Acquaintances maybe, but not true friends. That would only work if you found her physically utterly repulsive. And then, why would you want to hang out with an ugly/fat chick?
    There's an Illimitablemen Post about arguing with women, it's definitely worth a read. The site loads rather shitty for me (China) so I'm not going to post a link here, but you should be able to find it with google or just look on the website

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    Re: Well she finally crossed the line

    Quote Originally Posted by Aintdealingwithyoshit View Post
    Arguing triggers a dopamine response. Arguing with women is futile. It's all about the dopamine and emotional fix for them. Even if you "win", what have you really "won"? You've just given a junkie her emotional/dopamine fix.
    Most women are attention whores. They love attention and will do anything to get it. This is what drives the fashion, real estate, and make up industries. Arguing with women is the ultimate of paying attention to them. It makes them feel smart and important. Being paid attention to has a higher value than being logical, correct, or right.

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    Re: Well she finally crossed the line

    Personally it sounds like you are wasting your time arguing with her. I would just let that go and be on your way. Stop wasting your time arguing with a cunt like that.

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