Disclaimer - Can't claim this work as my own as a friend who wishes to remain anonymous wrote this up.

Examples of SJW and feminist dishonesty

Drunk Girl in Public - That viral video of supposedly a drunk girl and predatory males ended up being a hoax. They were apparently actors. If they had to hire actors, then I'm guessing the only purpose was basically just to smear men.

The Holloback video filmed along one street in a bad part of town featuring poor and homeless people. They lumped in mostly hellos with the guy who followed her and called it harassment. I would still like to see all 10 hours of the highly edited piece of propaganda.

There was another street harassment documentary, type in "street harassment documentary" in youtube. She dressed like a street walker, going into a ghetto, I know it's a ghetto because you see broken windows and graffiti everywhere. They use this as their proof of rape culture

UVA rape hoax (Rolling Stone Article)
Duke La Crosse rape hoax

SJW sends self rape threat, and then complains about rape culture

Women's Rights Activist Charged With Rape Threat Hoax On Facebook - BuzzFeed News

Another SJW rape hoax

Student makes rape threat to advance diversity initiatives

Student Fakes a Rape Threat to Advance Diversity Initiatives | National Review Online

Here's another one written by Rolling Stone target at 4 priest and a young man with many inconsistencies in the story.

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Highly flawed advocacy based research is still used and bad statistics are still repeated.

Feminism's goal is to keep women in perpetual fear by furthering the man oppressor / woman victim narrative using fear based propaganda to maintain its societal and political influence. This on top of the fact that social justice is a big money making industry now.

Women's Rights Activist Charged With Rape Threat Hoax On Facebook