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    Want to go bald? Get a covid “vaccine!”

    Nearly 1,700 people so far have reportedlylost their hairafter getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).
    World Health Organization (WHO) data shows that autoimmune alopecia is spreading like wildfire in people who took the jabs believing that doing so would keep them “safe” against a “positive” test result.One young Japanese woman tracked her vaccine-induced hair loss on social media. The girl, who goes by the handle of “Ayapipipiii,” showed photos of her bald head, which looks like it was taken in a conventional cancer ward.
    Ayapipipiii reportedly started losing her hair after getting a first dose of Moderna’s experimental Wuhan Flu jab, which was rushed to market by Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump under “Operation Warp Speed.”
    Initially, the child says she felt a little pain in her arm and some weakness, but that a fever never formed. The next day, however, the girl started developing a strange rash and observed chunks of hair falling out of her head.
    Upon taking a shower post-injection, the girl says the drain hole in her shower quickly clogged up with her fallen locks. After completing her shower, the girl saw more hair fall to the floor while drying it with a towel . . .
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    Re: Want to go bald? Get a covid “vaccine!”

    I only got one shot but my hair is already falling out anyway

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    Re: Want to go bald? Get a covid “vaccine!”

    Japan, hair falling out?

    That's been happening since August 6, 1945! (Little Boy, Castle Bravo, Fukishima Daichii)

    Another century of that shit and they'll all look like monks!
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