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    Walmart Said This Woman Shoplifted; Jury Awards Her $2.1 Million

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    Re: Walmart Said This Woman Shoplifted; Jury Awards Her $2.1 Million

    From the article:

    she was stopped in November 2016 when trying to leave a Walmart with groceries she said she already paid for,


    She said she used self-checkout but the scanning device froze. Workers didn’t accept her explanation and she was arrested for shoplifting.
    The scanning device froze?

    What, the scanner froze so she decided to just move the (remaining) items from her cart directly to her grocery bags without scanning further or calling the attendant, and then she just left the store?

    Did the receipt printer freeze, too? Show them your receipt, lady. Oh, I guess she didn't have one, or this would have been solved right then and there.

    This doesn't pass the smell test.

    There are instances where I'll walk out of a store with a product in my hand (no bag needed) and I keep the receipt plainly visible with the product as I walk.
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    Re: Walmart Said This Woman Shoplifted; Jury Awards Her $2.1 Million

    Don't know if the transaction went through but the machine just didn't print a receipt so she yeeted herself outta the store.

    If WM is gonna pay 2.1Mill I assume they could check and verify if they actually received the payment for the goods or the woman had the items show up on her credit cards statement and will be awarded cash for getting hassled by the Wal-mart mafia.

    Dunno, dumbass, clickbait articles that are missing out vital information - waste of time, modern news reporting in a nutshell for ya.

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