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    This Is What My Dream House Has

    If I win the current PowerBall game ($670M), this is a little bit of what my dream house has in it.

    I want the bowling alley for me and the indoor basketball court for my best friend. To add to this dream house idea, I would add a different level for my future arcade and pinball collection; and another for the gym. Other than buying groceries, I see no reason to leave home.
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    Re: This Is What My Dream House Has

    Honestly, that kind of money ($670 mill) would need to be secured before you do anything crazy. Assuming $670 mill is the lump sum amount then by my math, you're looking at $448 mill after taxes.

    So, I'd dump 5% of the $448 mill (or $22 mill) into US treasury bonds and another 5% into Swiss instruments. Each of them would probably pay out something like 3% in interest annually for five years or however long it lasts. That works out to $673k annually from each instrument for a total interest amount of $1.3 million per year.

    I don't care who you are or how large you want to live. $1.3 million per year is more than enough to get you there.

    And let me just say, that $1.3 million amount would be very secure indeed. In order to lose that, we would pretty much have to be facing an unprecedented worldwide financial collapse. Basically, we'd need to be talking about Mad Max happening all across the world.

    (Of course, this isn't rly relevant to me since I never play the lottery. I think I've only bought three tickets in my entire life. But for those of you who do play and in the unlikely event that you somehow win a crap ton of money, don't get cute. The US treasury and the Swiss are probably your best bets for securing your money. After that, spend the rest of the money on whatever you want. Beer and women for all I care.)

    If it was me, probably nothing about my life would visibly change. I gravitate toward the idea of blending in. Sustainability has always been my priority. For that reason, I just don't see what's to be gained from me buying some gigantic house and driving dumb cars like Ferraris or something. Esp when my Toyota runs just fine.

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    Re: This Is What My Dream House Has

    With bumbling Biden and the likes of AOC, in 20 years there'll be urban explorers videoing its abandoned ruins.
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