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    This Is So Sad. What This Guy On YouTube Is Doing To His Health

    This made me feel depressed seeing this trend on YouTube lately. It's call mukbang (S. Korean for eating and broadcast) There is this guy called Nick Avocado, now 29, and a few years ago he was cool, thin and a talented violinist but because he took this dark and unhealthy route of money and YouTube fame, he went from a skinny 23 year old, to a 500+ eating machine now at 29. This kid is literally killing himself for the sake of views and money; money that is supporting his massive fast food eating habits. This is just one reason why I feel social media is one of the worst things to come out of the Internet, because so many good lives were ruined, killed, sick, or traumatized because some people feed off their suffering. It's SICK!

    I'm 275, down 5 pounds in the past week, I eat right 95% of the time and I workout and take health supplements to undo 20 years of weight gain damage. I want to make it to 90 years old but this Nick kid is on the road to self-destruction and he doesn't even get it. I'm hoping to be my grandfather's current age (94); Nick won't make it to 35 at his rate. He will die soon if this keeps going on. He screams and cries in agonizing pain and still he allows his YouTube enablers to allow him to continue.

    I don't want to die young and my parents go to MY funeral instead of me going to theirs in the future.

    A lot of this is liberal logic at fault. They're too busy promoting fat acceptance and body positively they don't understand they are killing unhealthy people this way, and yet they fit shame those who work hard, eat right to become fit and healthy. To all the liberals, stop promoting obesity as if it's something good and beautiful, because it's not. It's slow suicide and the liberals encourage this self-destruction, self-hating behavior while you shame inspirational people.
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    Re: This Is So Sad. What This Guy On YouTube Is Doing To His Health

    Woke-ism promotes depression and acceptance of things which are not good for you in the hopes they will fix your depression. Depression which Woke-ism caused in the first place. A vicious cycle.

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    Re: This Is So Sad. What This Guy On YouTube Is Doing To His Health

    Gluttony, one of the seven deadliest sins.

    50 years ago that may have been hard to watch, but today, after 50 years of conditioning, I could watch the dude saw his own head off and not think anything of it.
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