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    The Archie Bunker Thread .

    This thread was created in honor of Archie Bunker and the hijacking of Tig's 007 Gold finger thread with the only relativity being on a nexus timeline in the 1970's

    Lets see where this goes...

    In the beginning, it only ate men, now it's coming for the women and children, and nothing can stop it.

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    Re: The Archie Bunker Thread .

    It’s one of my favorite shows of all time. I’ve got a catalog of some of my favorite lines. At the top of the list:

    Archie to George Jefferson- “If that ain’t the black calling the kettle pot”.

    Archie to Gloria- “Because I happen to be the breadwinner in this family. Your husband is the crumb.”

    Archie about his buddy Strech Cunningham - “Jewish names can’t have no ham in them”.

    “I ain’t going for any of this Catholic priests mumbo jumbo sprinkling incest all over everybody”

    “Oh look, the Meathead wrote a poem. He’s a real Edgar Allen Polack….”

    “Little girl, don’t bite the hand that feeds your husband”.

    “Robin Hood was an English fag. That’s why the sheriff run him into the woods”.

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    Re: The Archie Bunker Thread .

    I can remember one scene, when he found out that his daughter and son-in-law weren't going to have his grandson baptized, so he slipped into the church and did it himself. At the end, he looked up at the crucifix and said "I sure hope this took, cause when they find out about this, they're gonna kill me."

    This thread doesn't do it was hilarious.

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    Re: The Archie Bunker Thread .

    Upon seeing George Jefferson in a tuxedo, "The last time I saw a face like that, it was sellin' converted rice."

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