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    Talk About A Good Deal

    I got 2 gift cards from my parents for Christmas from Dick's Sporting Goods and I just spent them online for a pair of 25-pound hex dumbbells. After I applied the code and used my $10 rewards, I was left with only $3.60 to pay for them. Talk about a good deal. $3.60 I pay for 2 weights. My parents love me.

    I also bought 2 Amino Energy supplements and 2 pairs of sexy wrestling trunks on eBay with the $100 gift card my aunt gave me, leaving me only $61 to pay for. I'm saving money.

    Now if only Best Buy would allow me to pre-order the new Resident Evil Welcome To Raccoon City 4K movie, I'd be set.
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    Re: Talk About A Good Deal

    Nice, now make sure you use them otherwise even if they're free they're a waste.

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