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    Some democRats taking the next step after the Info War take down

    ‘Survival of our democracy’ depends on banning sites like InfoWars, Dem senator says

    Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., is calling on other tech companies to ban more sites like InfoWars, and says the survival of American democracy depends on it.

    -------In the vid there even changing the wording in the take down, from hate speech (which it never was) to discord.....A sitting senator willingly goes out and says free speech is a danger to the democracy.

    Senate Democrats Are Circulating Plans for Government Takeover of the Internet:

    All your base are belong to us. A leaked memo circulating among Senate Democrats contains a host of bonkers authoritarian proposals for regulating digital platforms, purportedly as a way to get tough on Russian bots and fake news. To save American trust in "our institutions, democracy, free press, and markets," it suggests, we need unprecedented and undemocratic government intervention into online press and markets, including "comprehensive (GDPR-like) data protection legislation" of the sort enacted in the E.U. Titled "Potential Policy Proposals for Regulation of Social Media and Technology Firms," the draft policy paper—penned by Sen. Mark Warner and leaked by an unknown source to Axios—the paper starts out by noting that Russians have long spread disinformation, including when "the Soviets tried to spread 'fake news' denigrating Martin Luther King" (here he fails to mention that the Americans in charge at the time did the same). But NOW IT'S DIFFERENT, because technology.

    ---------It is both funny stupid and scary because if some elections go the wrong way and enough Dems win seats this could be pushed through, even though Trump would not sign it if enough Dems win it can be done in an override vote. Reason we need to vote.

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    Re: Some democRats taking the next step after the Info War take down

    Instagram bans Tommy Robinson as social media companies purge right

    He follows shock jock Alex Jones from Infowars and controversial Milo Yiannopoulos who have both been silenced

    The Crackdown Continues: Twitter Suspends Libertarian Accounts, Including Ron Paul Institute Director

    Facebook Blocks Republican Candidate’s Ad

    ,.......So it begins

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    Re: Some democRats taking the next step after the Info War take down

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defends decision not to ban Alex Jones, Infowars

    -------Jack Dorsey is very liberal, so it is interesting that he is actually indirectly stepping up for Info Wars.

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