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    Rudy Giuliani and a 16th Century Italian Painter Know the Secret to Saving Our Cities

    "At the height of the hippie movement in San Francisco, a strange thing happened. Doctors couldn’t understand a new set of medical problems they began to see. Eventually, they learned that the “new” problems were actually quite old—long-forgotten bacterial infections like “the itch” and “the rot.”
    It turned out that the hippies had rejected modern hygiene and medicine for ideological reasons. They wanted to live free from the “shackles” of Western civilization and had “liberated” themselves from our greatest advances. (Like bathing, soap and hot showers) But as long-forgotten diseases crept back into society, the hippies were forced to confront the same grotesque realities that had spurred our ancestors to develop basic hygiene practices centuries ago. Tom Wolfe called this phenomenon the “great relearning.”

    That term might sound familiar to anyone living in a city today where we are witnessing a great unlearning on another societal ailment that previous leaders had made great strides in curbing – crime.

    Thanks to reformers in the 1980s and 90s, and their years of strategizing, experimenting, and proving, crime rates had been dramatically reduced and Americans once again felt safe on the streets of our greatest cities. Community policing, truth-in-sentencing, stop-and-frisk, and broken-windows theory became household terms. And previously unsafe areas, especially majority-minority neighborhoods, were the biggest beneficiaries.

    New York City under Rudy Giuliani was a shining example of the success of proactive crime policy. The numbers still amaze. In 1993, the year before Giuliani became Mayor, New York suffered more than 1,900 murders and 85,000 robberies. By 2001, his final year in office, New York had fewer than 650 murders and 28,000 robberies.

    Now, in the name of "antiracism" and “social justice,” progressives are casting aside these reforms across America.

    They say community policing “deepens criminalization and expands police power.” Truth-in-sentencing contributes to “mass incarceration.” Stop-and-frisk is “discriminatory.” And broken-windows theory “contributed to the violent and racialized policing that dominates our criminal justice system today.”

    Meanwhile, the murder rate surges and businesses in places like San Francisco are left powerless to stop shoplifters . . . "
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    Re: Rudy Giuliani and a 16th Century Italian Painter Know the Secret to Saving Our Cities

    It's 1969 all over again!

    Except I fled the city in 1982 when we finished the family's 2nd home in the country and dad sold the shop and house located in the chity.

    Good to be ahead of the curve! I don't go past Bridgeport, New London, and NYC. Points south I use the Mass Pike, Taconic State parkway/209, Delaware Water Gap, then hook over to the Garden State parkway/New Jersey Turnpike, then I brave the beltway at Baltimore, after that I FEEL SAFE!

    I'll bet dollars to donuts the X-Bronx has stolen car carcasses lining the highway, AGAIN!

    Looks like the Big Apple is bobbing under again, like big turd in a sewer pipe!
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