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    Question About Western Women

    A woman provides value in a man’s life in approximately three ways. Sex, children, and domestic comfort. Domestic comfort ranges from cooking, cleaning, child rearing ETC…. You know that kind of stuff. By and large, women do not fulfill much value in our lives outside of these things. Yes, you can have an emotional relationship with them but that mostly lays within the realm of domestic comfort and . Do Western women actually tick these boxes anymore?

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    Re: Question About Western Women

    Well, the children box definitely gets checked by a lot of women. But too often children are used by women as pawns to get a certain kind of custody or a certain level of child support or whatever.

    Honestly, domestic comfort was the biggie for me. During my marriage, it became very apparent that I could've hired a cook, a maid and a pro and probably saved money as compared to being married.

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    Re: Question About Western Women

    One of the unintended consequences of Feminism is men started doing "woman's work". I don't need a woman to cook clean and wash clothes for me even if she was willing and able to do it.

    So cross domestic support off list.

    Don't want kids, crossed off.

    Sex I can buy. Crossed off.

    Emotional support? Seeking this from others, esp women had never gone well for me.

    So I'm not left with any reasons for a relationship with any race of woman.

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