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    Exclamation One of the guys here suggested I go camping by myself to do masculine stuff like skills.

    So yeah! When he suggested it, I was excited. I thought: "Camping? Shit, I haven't done it since I was in boy scouts!"

    So, I've been improving myself, every day, by being and doing masculine things. I did post about reading a book on masculinity so the suggestion of camping is what lead to that.

    Questions on camping: What gears, stuff and essentials for camping should I bring?

    Obviously, I need to bring food, like meats. I'll need to get a sleeping bag. And a tents, obviously. I would to have a tent that is huge and roomy. But I don't know what else I need. I would be like to be comfortable since I'm going by myself.

    Any of you been to camping before? Recently? I just got a car, so I'm good. If its goes well, for my camping alone, I could bring a friend or two for next camping.

    I could relearn ancient skills that were lost in modern times. Skills that are masculine, you know. Like making a bonfire or just a fire.

    I'm reading masculine books that talks about men getting into a culture of their own, so I would like to have my own masculine culture or masculine traditions.

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    Re: One of the guys here suggested I go camping by myself to do masculine stuff like skills.

    A two person tent is on the small side, but good enough. A three person tent would be nice, but anything bigger will be bulky, heavy, and cost more than you want to spend. When rating tents, go by half what they claim. A two person tent is only roomy enough for one. If where you're going gets cold at night, you'll freeze in a cheap sleeping bag. Since it's summer, you'll probably be ok with a cheap bag. Mummy bags are smaller, which is important when backpacking cause they weigh less. But a bag with a wider bottom is much more comfortable when weight is not an issue. Some kind of sleeping pad is important too, specially when you're not young anymore. These things get expensive, so unless you plan on camping a lot, you'll have to settle for a lessor pad.

    You'll need a bottle of bug juice, a decent hat, and at least one quality flashlight with extra batteries. I use small one's that will fit in a pocket and keep it with me anytime it's even close to dark. A small bottle of biodegradable soap would be nice too. Gotta take care of the environment. Don't empty your closet but have some warm clothing handy.

    Go easy on the fires till you learn what you're doing. The ignorant have started a lot of forest fires. Starting with dry wood is half the battle. A small ax is better than a hatchet and don't cost much more.

    I could go on and on, but this will get you started.
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