I swear Nature must be a woman and a bitch, because this past Father's Day at 10:30 at night, we were almost hit by a major tornado that hit about 10 miles away from me. At 10:30 PM I heard the warning sirens, my phone BEEEEEEEEEEEEPS very loud, startling me. Then my dad told me to get my shoes and shorts on, because we had to go to the basement. I got my shoes on, I got my shorts on, I got my phone, wallet and car keys and half way to the basement the sirens stopped. I kept watching local news to see what's going on with the severe weather that night and let me tell you it was scary. Where my best friend lives, in the next town towards Chicago DID get hit by a minor tornado. I tried to call him, but like every other attempt, he won't answer. So I got nervous.

This was the second time in the past 10 months my part of suburban Chicago had a strong storm that had me and my dad running for the basement.

A tornado as a Father's Day present; nature is a real bitch! Thank God no one got killed in that storm.