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    My COVID-19 testing experience

    So, all of this time I am sitting at home like a hermit, living alone, no kids to send to school to bring home the virus to infect me. I go only to the grocery store or Home Depot, for both places masks are required where I live. The point is, I really cannot see how I can be infected. No symptoms.

    My brother called me last week to talk about me driving up for Thanksgiving like I do every year. This year, though, his twin girls, 7, had returned to in-class schooling a few months ago after having been on Zoom classes for all of the months before that. He said the school has had students test positive and he had a concern that if his daughters caught it by association, to then be new asymptomatic carriers in time for my visit, or even if they were not carriers, if I were to just happen to get COVID after visiting them, the girls would assume they infected their favorite uncle and would have major guilt. So, he wanted to talk to me about this. I am unvaccinated. Brother and wife are vaxxed, daughters are not.

    I asked him how did the school know who was positive, did they do their own testing? (I was thinking, can't they test his daughters, too?) He said no, but people can go to Rite-Aid Drug Store to get tested there. I asked him if he could check into getting his girls tested there in time to get results back before Thanksgiving and I would pay for it? Once the girls see they tested negative, they will not feel guilt should I happen to catch COVID after my visit. All this is low probability, mind you.

    A few days later, it occurred to me that, duh, I should go get tested myself before I show up at brother's house, they deserve to feel at ease about me, the unvaxxed adult.

    I have no Rite-Aids near me but a medical group here in town (USA) has free sites scattered around town, one in my neighborhood. You make an appointment online or just show up and take your chances. I had heard that they will ask you for your name, photo ID if available, date of birth, address, phone number for them to call you when results are ready, and insurance so they can bill with zero cost guaranteed to me. If no insurance, the test is still free. They give you a QR code on a piece of paper at the time of testing and you can look up this code up to 72 hours later to get the test results.

    Uh, no thank you. I didn't want to give them any personal info at all, that they will then enter into a government database, and track me. So, I called them, posing as a homeless man using a friend's phone, telling them I have no cell phone and have no idea how to otherwise scan the QR code (which is true). From what else I learned on this call, I realized I can show up as a homeless guy, give a fake name, no ID, fake DOB (pre-Medicare), for address just say "does not apply" which is the euphemism for "homeless", and say I have no phone, no insurance. I can either then find a way to get my QR code read or call them at a certain number and they will give the results to me over the phone.

    So, I was getting the homeless plan ready in my head, to show up wearing my gardening clothes and shoes, all holey and dirty, after rubbing some garden dirt on my hands and under my fingernails. I wanted to look the part. Acting "out of it" has never been a problem for me, fortunately.

    I then called my brother to see how far he got with the Rite-Aid plan. He told me he learned that home testing kits are being sold at several local drug store franchises including two in my area. AHA! I didn't know about home testing kits. He's going to go with BinaxNOW made by Abbott Pharmaceuticals.

    Well, well. So that's what I did, giving up on the homeless guy idea. I went to the drug store and paid cash (no tracking via my credit card, yes I am that paranoid about this), came to $24 plus tax. You get two identical tests, to be taken by the same person, 36 hours apart. It was easy. I was negative on both tests.
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    Re: My COVID-19 testing experience

    If that Covid thing ever meets my blood, it'll die as sure as being dipped in acid, I'm that bitter, when I lick stainless steel, it rusts!

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