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    Man Casually Executes a Homeless Man In Front of Crowd in St. Louis

    Comments: We got to stop calling criminals who commit crimes right before our very eyes suspects. That's a perpetrator.

    Scott Adams deserves an apology.

    Salty, your synopsis and commentary are brave and 100% accurate. Look at the guy in TX took out the guy robbing the restaurant, ppl cowering in fear handing over their jewelry, cash and he got charged, in a gun positive state. The U.S. is rotting from the inside.

    I hope the homeless man gets justice. This is a tragedy. Scott Adams needed to point this out because this needs to stop.

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    Re: Man Casually Executes a Homeless Man In Front of Crowd in St. Louis

    Migration to rural America is the only cure if you live in libtopia, otherwise you're subject to state sanctioned criminal activity perpetrated on the law abiding.

    I've been saying for decades, "justice is self serve or none at all", and this proves it beyond a reasonable doubt.
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    Re: Man Casually Executes a Homeless Man In Front of Crowd in St. Louis

    It's why I've said on here many times the problem isn't women but other men. Women only manipulate and use what they can to their advantage. 99.9% of men would murder you in a heartbeat just for a whiff of pussy.

    It's why men are quick to attack another man they never even seen before in their lives over a "damsel in distress" lies.
    Stay away from women. They will only break your heart.

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    Shit- Im adding you.12. MGTOWFOREVER- Guys got balls the size of church bells. Aint afraid to call out an oversight and hold people accountable. I love that! Be sure to move over to the new board guys!

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