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    I have Xbox games (new to me), some of them very new and few used games. It's weekends, so....

    I just bought Ryse: Son of Rome, for my Xbox One X, and I heard good things about it.

    I got it from a local video game & movies shop for $5 and it was a good deal. It's downloading right now, on my One X. Nearly done.

    Ryse isn't included in the picture. But I have other games. Forza Horizon 5, Red Dead Redemption II and Halo infinite are new, and they have already been downloaded. I also have Halo Reach, and other previous Halo games that I bought digitally as a collection. Halo Reach is my favorite.

    One thing I'm happy about I don't have women complaining that I'm not a real man, or that "real men don't play video games".

    Says who??

    Good thing I don't have a girlfriend! I won't tolerate that crap!

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