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    How to Become a Federal Criminal

    Mike Chase on the strangest criminal laws in the US.

    "The United States is supposed to be the land of the free. But in practice, the number of laws and rules which have to be adhered to call this claim into question. In 2014, Mike Chase, a white-collar criminal defence lawyer, set up the wildly successful @CrimeADay Twitter feed. It draws attention to the overwhelming volume of criminal laws on the books by highlighting some of the maddest ones. Imprisonable offences in the US include clogging a toilet in a national forest, writing a letter to a pirate, and using a falconerís falcon to make a film that isnít about falconry. The Twitter feed has now become an illustrated book, How To Become A Federal Criminal. spiked caught up with Chase to find out more about these strange laws and what they mean for liberty . . . "

    Plenty of room in the largest prison system on the planet for you! Enjoy your Freedumb while you still can before you violate an obscure Federal law!

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    Re: How to Become a Federal Criminal

    I forget how many felonies the average Joe commits every day, without knowing it.

    Don't worry, get a button that says "I'm a Democrat"....they won't prosecute.
    As soon as she says "I do", she don't
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    Re: How to Become a Federal Criminal

    Survival is the only law I go by, all the rest are to prohibit this right.
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