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    Glowies Fragging Glowies

    So in the UK there are these radical left sjw soros environmentalists and the UK government has been sending police to infiltrate and have sex with them for decades

    I wonder what the end game and point of all this is? I thought they were supposed to be a cucked globalist government that bows to Soros yet they are sending in these cops to infiltrate the sjws. Then when the female sjw sluts find out they are cops they cry RAPE RAPE RAPE and sue for money lol.

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    Re: Glowies Fragging Glowies

    Glowie - The term used to describe people suspected of being federal law-enforcement agents or informants infiltrating activist group's communication channels, trying to catch them plotting violence, or prodding them into illegal acts.

    That was an interesting article.

    The climate activists who were intent on breaking laws to manipulate UK society or, as the article later put it:

    the legitimate political expression of people who want to fix the planet and make society more equal
    complained that the police infiltrator was not playing by the rules. That he used emotional/sexual relationships with a few of them to further his goals of undermining their goals.

    "Not fair! They're better at being sneaky than we are!"

    (Now who paid Ray Epps to infiltrate the crowd on January 6th, commandeering them to step inside the U.S. Capitol, for which he was recorded doing?)
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    Re: Glowies Fragging Glowies

    Aren't people that firebomb considered terrorists? After all, nothing is more terrorizing than the prospects of being burned alive. They are a danger to society and should be stopped at all cost.

    Society really needs to focus on who's bad, what's bad, then tackle it accordingly, instead of gynocentric witch hunts initiated by angry screaming cunts in the ears of law enforcement, legislatures, and justices.

    Don't give them what they want, instead take away what they have because they don't deserve it, didn't earn it, and refuse to pay for it. Revocation is in order under the strict confines of natural law (the only law not manipulated by mankind and can't be bargained with).
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