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    Delusional Society

    In this society, everyone wants to be the one in control, the one to call the shots, and be the dominant one overall. Most if not all entertainment and media tries to make that idea seem true by having Women and Minorities be the top dogs that make the world a better place while talking down to Whites and Men, humiliating them, mocking them and blaming them for all the world's problems. Sadly, not many can disfranchise the difference between reality and fantasy. The thing is the elites are really the ones in control and calling the shots and are playing on the "oppressed" and "victimized" groups' desire to get back at their "oppressors". They don't know they're being played like a damn fiddle.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Delusional Society

    Well the status quo society has a pretty clear lucid goals of indoctrination, girls and boys raised and go through school without much input or recommendation on what to do in life other than get some job just so that they can reproduce - parents being older clear cut results of this process asking for grandkids as if the only reason for bringing a child into this life was just so that they could have another child themselves, humans are still running on basic primal instincts that we've had for thousands of years - only thing that has evolved is our use of external tools.

    Chalk it up to just human stupidity nowadays, your points that people latch onto - issues so insignificant and of no actual consequence they'd have to be ignorant to take them seriously which is the norm rather than the exception in BP society that functions because of ignorance. Don't know about delusional society, we're just not there yet as a species to question any higher goals other than popping out more kids at this stage - the technological revolution is still in it's infancy and we're still just apes, can you blame us?

    Put an elite infront of a shotgun and they'll die like 100% of all humans, nothing noteworthy except the quantity of dollar bills, nothing special and will die like everyone else does.

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    Re: Delusional Society

    The term Useful Idiots fits them well.

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    Re: Delusional Society

    Top, down VS middle

    It┤s NOT new. France used this strategy a lot.

    The poor is not a treat but middle class could be in the future, then it is only a matter of put 2+2 together to realize what they should do to keep the power.

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    Re: Delusional Society

    I think they know very well they are played with, but it's still their best bet. Let's say you are a minority, even if you know that there is no discrimination, it's in your best interest to "fight" for it to get more benefits/better jobs. The only incentive they would have would be if they were afraid that pushing lies would come with a blow back which would get them further behind than they started. So I don't blame "oppressed" groups taking advantage, I blame those who don't push back to get us into a healthy state.

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