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    D B Cooper

    This week's 50 years after DB's famous jump into history. One of many strange facts, is a guy a few rows away said DB was wearing a Leasure suit. This would suggest DB was not a businessman. Some think ex special forces, but I don't buy it. DB was not that knowledgeable a jumper, and sure as hell was no outdoorsman. If not these, then what was he?

    Some say Air Force baggage handler, and this is closer to the mark. DB knew a lot about the plane, thing's you wouldn't know if you weren't in the business. Or he could of worked for Boeing.

    DB actually did a good job jacking the plane and getting away. But after that, he did everything wrong, and it probably cost him his life. Far as we know, he jumped with a Leasure suit, a pack of smokes and 17 pounds of money. No boots, no raingear, no flashlight, not even a hat and coat. Big mistake. In Nov, a waterproof coat goes everywhere I go, and I don't care how blue the sky was when I left home.

    I believe DB's plan was to jump over farmland and small towns. Dressed and equipped as he was, he might a pulled it off. But to jump into deep woods dressed for the city is a death sentence for anybody who's not prepared, super tough, or lucky as hell. DB was as ill prepared as you can get.

    No one lives there, so there's no artificial light, and none from the sky either, because it was raining. Total darkness, and will be that way for another 10 hours. Without a coat and hat he'd lose heat like crazy. Everything's wet, and he's got no way to stay dry. You can tough it out for awhile, but without at least that hat and coat, it's a losing battle. Exposure, here we come. Last, but not least, DB was coming down from a huge adrenaline rush. Being a former adrenaline junkie, I know what it takes to recover from an adrenaline hangover. You need food, liquids, and rest. Water was all DB had. I bet two hours after he landed, he could of ate a triple cheeseburger with fry's, and would of traded his bag of money to get one, if he could.

    DB might a been alive come morning, but he wouldn't be able to walk half as far as he'd need to. He might not a been walking anywhere. Nobody mentioned DB's shoes, so they were probably low cut slick soled city shoes. Unless DB thought to suck those laces down really tight, there's a good chance they blew right off his feet when the chute opened. Even if he did keep his shoes, he's still screwed. You could walk on a road with them things, but climb up and down wet hills? forget it.

    My guess is his bones are laying out in the woods somewhere. He knew how to jack an airliner, but was otherwise hopeless on a rainy November night. This makes me think he'd spent most of his life indoors. I feel sorry for the dumb bastard, starvation and exposures a hard way to go.
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