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    China is confusing

    China has got to be the strangest country on this Earth. They say they're Marxist/communist. When I think of communism, I think of the old Soviet Union and of East Germany. The USSR produced only certain models of cars, all of which they kept making the same year after year, even after they were absurdly out of date. In 1988, Soviets would be driving around in a brand-new car that looked like it was from 1970. East Germany only made ONE model of car, the Trabant, which was a 2-cylinder piece of junk with a maximum speed of something like 55 MPH. It didn't even have a gas gauge. To know if you needed gas, you had to open the hood and use a dip stick. When you did put in gas, you had to add oil to it. When you started up a Trabant, blue smoke would come out. The best thing you could say about one of these cars was that it was better than walking. In both the Soviet Union and in the GDR (East Germany), a whole lot of consumer products were just plain shit quality. The USSR did have a very high quality space program, and they made high quality weapons and airplanes (sometimes), but they often had consumer shortages, and when stuff was available, it may or may not have been decent quality.

    Now look at China. You can walk into any WalMart in the USA, and almost everything there was made in China. People sometimes bitch about cheap, Chinese-made crap, but, honestly, most of it ranges from acceptable to very good quality. I have an Ibanez guitar that was made in China, and it's quite good. Ibanez is a Japanese company, but they make many of their guitars in China. You can get Chinese-made stuff that is of good quality. And they manufacture stuff en masse to sell to the world, especially to the USA. What gives? The Chinese certainly look like capitalists to me.

    They were isolated for decades from the world, back when they were known as "Red China." Then President Nixon opened relations with them, and later President Clinton gave them most-favored nation status. And, man, did trade with them ever take off. The stuff we buy today in the USA is way more likely to have been made in China than any place else. Maybe they just got sick and tired of being the isolated country, Red China, and so they opened up markets to make a bunch of money.

    They look like capitalists, not communists. What gives?

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    Re: China is confusing

    Safety nets to stop employee suicide in factories?

    Appointed political organ donners?

    Unannounced floodwater releases drowning whole valleys, farms, and cities?

    Painting the mountains green with lead based oil paint?

    Tofu dreg projects that fail spectacularly?

    Whole brand new cities that stand empty and deteriorate?

    I think America is catching up to China's insanity, sometimes I can't tell who's the leader in all this utter madness!

    I can't wait to see how fast China fails when they fire up their brand new war machine. They'll make the Russians in Ukraine look like commandos raiding a nursery (oh wait, they already do that).

    The only thing Americans have going for them is they're motley sort of mean nasty people that don't give a fuck about anything or who they flatten in the process!
    In the beginning, it only ate men, now it's coming for the women and children, and nothing can stop it.

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    Re: China is confusing

    china is only interested in having power & control over others.

    The US is also interested in this BUT still has some resemblance of freedom of speech.

    More china-nese are trying to get the hell out of their own country than foreigners are trying to immigrate into china.
    More china-nese are trying to get into the US than vice versa.

    Say what you will of the US, but it's still more of a free country than china could ever be.
    Heck, even Russians are freer than chinanese.

    * I call them china-nese to differentiate them from other chinese like Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, American/canadian chinese, etc.

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