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    Anonymous US Intelligence Sources Have Identified the Nordstream Saboteurs - Photos!

    . . . Meanwhile, in other news, a motley crew of Nordstream pipeline sabotage suspects fingered by anonymous intelligence sources just washed up on the beautiful beach in Saidia (“the best beach in Africa”). Fortunately I was able to snatch my wife’s iphone and snap a picture of the skipper making an emergency call to Zelensky (as shown in the above photo) before the Unoffical Ukrainian Air Force (UUAF) showed up to strafe the beach and extract the three Ukie special ops guys who’d managed to take out the pipeline using masks, snorkels, swim fins, and waterproof M-80 firecrackers before getting rammed by a Russian sub and limping down to the Mediterranean for repairs and R&R. The cover story for the pipeline attack mission was “a three hour tour” out of Bornholm, Denmark. A Ukrainian oligarch named Thurston Howellsky III financed the operation, which was completely independent and had absolutely no connection to any Western military or intelligence agencies, least of all any American ones, no matter what Seymour Hersh or anybody else says . . .
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    Re: Anonymous US Intelligence Sources Have Identified the Nordstream Saboteurs - Photos!

    During a business trip in the mid-90s I found myself with a free weekend in a mid-western US city. There was a car show at the downtown civic center, so I figured why not spend a few hours walking around. They had the usual exhibits like the 1960s Batmobile, the Munster's coach, Grandpa's coffin dragster, and others, but the event I most remember was a question & answer session with none other than Russell Johnson, aka The Professor.

    He was warmly welcomed, signed autographs, shared stories about both Gilligan's Island and Forbidden Planet, spoke briefly about his work with HIV prevention due to a family member's recent death, and then took questions.

    Just about the first question asked was something along the lines of: "You could build a Geiger counter out of freakin' coconuts, so why couldn't you build a raft?"

    Mr. Johnson smiled and replied with the same answer he must have been using for decades: "If you were stuck on a desert island with Mary Ann and Ginger would you want to be rescued?"

    There was a huge laugh as most of the men in the audience nodded their heads in agreement.
    "It's not the we can't respect women, fact is we started respecting ourselves." - mgtower

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