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    Americans Kidnapped In Mexico Were Likely Drug Runners

    Comments: Sometimes, Mexico doesn’t kidnap our best.

    Never thought I'd say "Thanks cartel!"

    I went from mad at the cartels to congratulating them for doing the world a favor.

    Number one rule for Americans in Mexico "Do not buy or sell drugs in Mexico".

    George Floyd 2.0
    Cocaine (or fentanyl) cowboys: American man killed in Mexico border kidnap was jailed in 2015 for 'drugs manufacture' - while the other three ALL have lengthy drug rapsheets. can reveal that Williams was previously busted for 'distributing crack near a school,' while McGee has been slapped with 'unlawful conduct towards a child,' when her daughter tested positive for amphetamines . . .

    Mexican drug cartels: Saving America with every ghetto drug dealer they kill! Doing the job Joe Biden and Hunter Biden just won't do!
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