It’s a month (and a day) till Christmas.

Personally I couldn’t give a frig about “special” days: New year’s, Easter, Valentine’s day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas etc.? Bah humbug!

But you go out in to the shops this time of year and you hear all sorts of shitty music playing over the P.A. It’s bloody annoying.

I have a rather large and eclectic collection of music that I put on random play. I could find it playing anything from Beethoven to Vivaldi or The Allman Brothers or Joe Walsh or AC/DC or Iron Maiden to mention but a few.

Last night I fell asleep in front of the computer only to wake up hearing this:

Heavy Metal Christmas – by Twisted Sister:

Within minutes of waking up I was laughing my ass off, on my own like a lunatic, tears streaming down my face.

What a great way to start a day eh?

And I thought: why not put together a list of Christmas songs that we would rather hear being played in the shops instead of the banal shit that gets foisted upon us.

Here’s another one of my favourite Christmas songs:

Hey Santa Claus – by Kevin Bloody Wilson

So that’s 2 to get us started. We have a month to put together a comprehensive list but I need your help.

Anything goes, so long as YOU like it and it has a Christmas theme.

All I ask is you don’t act the maggot and stick a summer tune in. Then again…