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    Adam Ruins Everything ...

    First games now divorce;

    And it is apparently a good thing, as divorces allow couples to get out of a bad marriage with minimal fuss.

    Or it allows gold diggers free reign.

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    Re: Adam Ruins Everything ...

    I would gamble my last cancerous tooth that divorce lawyers lobbied heavily
    to support gay marriage. I don't care either way, I'm just saying so.

    Fortune passes everywhere. I get tipped by lawyers and lobbyists.
    It keeps a roof over my head. Cancer is easy to fix. Lawyers, not so easy.

    Got my own thing going very well in the meantime, so far without much
    help from any of them. Tons of help from all of you.

    So, many thanks for it. You can all be so excellent at times.
    MGTOW is masculine inspiration. Something women hate.

    Much love and respect,

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