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    2021 was a record year for venture funding and it is likely to lead to many future MGTOWs

    These graphs are illustrative of a record year for wealth creation: (State Of Venture 2021 Report - CB Insights Research), (These 6 charts show how much VC is awash in capital in 2021 | PitchBook).

    Just when I thought 2018 and 2020 were record years, 2021 takes the cake - in 2021 global venture funding reached a whooping $621 billion, compared to under $200-300 billion in the past few years (2015-2020) and about 10% went to early stage deals - with a median deal sizes ranging from seed money of $3 million, to early stage $10 million - that means funding for tens of thousands of startup businesses.

    Unicorns - not the women variety, but a nickname for privately-held startup companies valued at over $1 billion - rose from 569 to just under 1,000.

    Assuming every startup business has a founder and a few partners (typically 1-3), that means a record number of multi-millionaires (and billionaires) have been minted this year.

    The implications

    Women tend to play safer with their startup businesses and go into businesses which require interpersonal interaction and thus lack scalability (think cafes, cakes and cupcakes, dog-walking, pet-grooming, etc). The people in charge of venture funding typically look for startups business which are innovative and have a good chance of scaling revenue and profits.

    Hence its no surprise that 85-90% of venture capital flows to startups which are male-only, only a few percent goes to female-only - (These 5 charts reveal key diversity and gender gaps startups face | World Economic Forum (

    All this record for newly created wealth means we are likely to see a great number of single men who previously had little-to-no experience with women while they were busy working on their startups in basements during the pandemic - these men have suddenly entered the 'rich-enough' category overnight.

    These men will suddenly become attractive to women once women realise that he owns a business worth millions. Some of these men will fall prey to the gold-diggers. Some of them will have the 'oops'-pregnancy experience. Woman will want a slice of that money and these men have little natural defences.

    Eventually or perhaps inevitably, a good portion of these men will be sucked dry and ripped-off by women and the divorce courts. If they aren't red-pilled already, they will be introduced to the red-pill the hard way. Its going to get ugly.

    What does this mean for MGTOW?

    Expect to see more men being sent to the MGTOW philosophy, especially in the coming years. While I have no doubt some will find their way to .win, many will find their way to this forum first because is relatively high on google search results when one does a simple search (its page 2 when one searches for 'men going their own way forum').

    They will likely be in the early stages of being red-pilled and its likely they're going to be struggling through the stages of grief and loss (denial-anger-bargaining-depression). Many will have lost a great deal of everything they've held dear and which they built their life and identity around. They may be justifiably angry or severely depressed.

    They may state experiences with money that may seem extra-ordinary to most. Some may hold such strong emotions they may be unfit for our forum. It will be helpful to be skeptical in case of trolls, however do remember to ask questions first and try to keep an open mind if and when we encounter these men.
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