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    White Station High School

    White Station High School announces new homecoming royalty

    --------------------I get Lucas view point being he is in Cal and men, in his case black men are few and far between,.....but he also gets around to the larger issue that it is being forced on up form every angle. Schools, Movies, All forms of media, all on impressionable kid who don't understand the implications and long term effects. You are not an adult until around 21 when your brain is fully developed.
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    Re: White Station High School

    White Station Spartans? Well that explains it. Their namesakes from the old days were sick too. Where's the unlike button?
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    Re: White Station High School

    My grandfather would have broken his kids arms for doing something like that! He would have beat the shit out of them! I love my grandfather, he didn't go for any improper shit whatsoever! Cross him and bones were broken!

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