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    We've seen shortages before

    Indeed, and watch this Johnny Carson video from 1973 as he talks about what I think will be our next big crisis in America...what with all the hoarding and all. Enjoy!
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    Re: We've seen shortages before

    Those jokes by Johnny Carson caused a panic that sent millions to the store buying up toilet paper. In the winter of 1973-74, American consumers had faced a number of price shocks. Gasoline prices doubled, then tripled, the quadrupled in the space of a couple of months, there were actual shortages were in certain places and for a a few days at a time, there was no gasoline at your local pumps, and then the price of sugar spiked.

    When facing another shortage, this time of something that people could easily store, consumers rushed to the supermarket. Except back then, there were not 48 roll mega packs. The largest package was on 4, possibly 8 rolls IIRC.
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    Re: We've seen shortages before

    1973, that was the year before this failed housing subdivision I live in slipped beneath the waves of condemnation and eternal tyranny. Allot of real nasty BAD shit happened between new years day 1973, and new years day 1974. I call it the year the Antichrist was born!
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