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    Ukrainian Conspiracy Theory?

    Here’s the scenario.

    I’m watching U.S. t.v. on my laptop using the Opera browser (not what I use to connect here) with the VPN option on. I know, I have a masochistic streak, what can I say? Anyway, during the show a cop grabs a perp and orders him to ‘spit it out’ as the perp apparently has drugs in his mouth. It reminds me of a song – Spit It Out by Whitesnake. I Google the song and get hit with a Captcha – Please identify that you are not a robot – you’ve all seen them.

    But in this case it gave a reason – “We’ve noticed unusual activity from your I.P. address”. This is from a Google search. Sorry I can’t give a screenshot but I can’t replicate it.

    Because I have the VPN turned on it returned results in what looks like Cyrillic script (I have limited control with regards where it connects from but for various reasons I believe the server to be in Ukraine)

    My question:

    While I have often had to fill in a Captcha for various reasons on various sites I have NEVER had to fill in a Captcha to perform a Google search. We’ve all heard about restrictions on the internet from China but WTF is this? Could it be that the Ukrainian government is spying on any of its populace that is watching U.S. T.V. or by extrapolation any western T.V.?
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