I probably shouldn’t share this, it might make some of you grimace, but I just have to share.

So here I am sitting at home. It’s a miserable rainy day outside and I’m sat in front of the computer listening to music and having a vodka when I just about hear a light knocking sound coming from somewhere.

Curious, I check the front door and low and behold I find a young Asian lady, very pretty and in her early 20’s (I think).

She was bent over almost double, obviously in quite a bit of distress.

“Please may I use your toilet?”

I grinned. I assumed that she was busting for a piss and maybe that was true but it wasn’t the all of it.

“Of course you can.”

So I let her in and showed her the way to the facilities.

I live in an apartment and my “facilities” are right off my sitting room.

Man, the sounds that came out of that room I thought her ass was suffering multiple detonations, it was incredible. And no, she didn’t pebbledash my toilet bowl.

Not much of a story I admit but it made me laugh, especially coming from such a pretty, petite young “lady”.