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    Re: NEW THREAD: Science, Gravity, Outer Space, Evolution, Perception of Reality, and other brainy stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by mgtower View Post
    How many of you guys have had flying dreams where you can fly?
    I've had flying dreams since I was a small boy. They are progressive in nature. In the early ones, I could elevate myself vertically at will but only less than a foot above the ground then I will float back down against my will. That's the entire dream. It took many dreams before I could not only elevate myself the few inches but also move myself forward a few feet, yet still vertical, before I would land again, against my will, the flight path being like a semicircle. Took many years before I could start to position myself horizontally while aloft and also more years before I could gain elevation and distance. Nowadays, in my recurring dreams, I can fly like the best of them, up into the clouds, although I don't like flying through them. These recurring flying dreams have never gone backwards to an earlier level of skill. I talked to a fellow only a month or three ago who also said he had progressive flying dreams that started out like mine, in baby steps.

    I've also had a separate recurring dream since young, progressive also. In these, I am learning how to walk through walls. In the beginning ones, I'd just stand in front of a wall, scared to try, maybe dip my face into the wall, eyes closed, feel a pressure on my face, then pull back. That's the entire dream. This level of performance went on too long. Eventually, upon awaking, as I would recall the dream I just had, I would begin to barely recall that there were voices talking to me, it felt like people, friends, were standing on each side of me in the dream, coaching me on what to do to be able to walk through the wall. That made it interesting to the wakened me! The voices went on for a few dreams then I stopped being able to recall them. Nowadays, in these dreams I walk through walls easily, repeatedly, and with confidence, although I will still keep my eyes closed when passing, as I keep fearing a stubborn stud will put splinters in my eyes and the idea grosses me out. That never happens. I can walk through steel walls, anything. I had one of these dreams just the other day, in fact. Seems all I do anymore in the dreams is try to impress those around me with my amazing power but few seem impressed. LOL. So, yeah, at some point other people popped up in these dreams, not hidden.

    I had another recurring dream only during ages 14-15 when, in my dream, I would awaken in my bed in the dark (I had the entire large basement of the house to myself) to the fact that someone was stalking me with a shotgun. Staying in bed would make me a sitting target and where I figured he was heading, so I would get out of bed and the entire dream was spent stealthily moving around the basement in the dark as he also was moving around the basement to kill me. Hunter and hunted. I must have been really good at being quiet because one time I saw dull moonlight reflect off of the barrel ends which put them about two feet away from me, yet he did not know I was even there. Don't even breathe, I told myself. If I only had the ability in these dreams to walk through an outer wall and fly away! These dreams were not progressive, thankfully. I did not enjoy them, no surprise.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackoff View Post
    But there is another sensation I occasionally experience. It feels like Iíve just woken up, but my bodyís still asleep. I seem to be awake, alert and aware of things going on around me but am totally incapable of any sort of movement. My body usually catches up pretty quickly, but for that minute or two Iím totally helpless, unable to even call for help. This also used to terrify me but now itís pretty much meh.
    I've experienced this a time or two. Basically harmless unless too frequent, I guess. You can google "sleep paralysis" for more information.
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    Re: NEW THREAD: Science, Gravity, Outer Space, Evolution, Perception of Reality, and other brainy stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by happybachelor View Post
    Several years ago I was seeing a girl from work. I noticed a few red flags very early on, such as "my boyfriends always become obsessive", "I don't have any friends", but she was the hot girl in the office and I just wanted to bang her. There was something succubus like about her and all of the guys, single or otherwise, would have wanted a piece.
    After a couple months we were sat on her couch and she turned to me, and her face looked completely different. Now I'm aware that women can look totally different depending on their make-up, but it was not this. Or just an expression or demeanour can change 'how someone looks'. But it wasn't really this either, as the girl didn't really have any different expressions.. (red flag?).
    I remember thinking instantly, without articulating it, that she looked demonic. Like something had taken over her face, or more accurately her mind. I didn't exactly freeze in fear but I was kind of dumbstruck. Entranced.
    She then told me about her dream the previous night, that she had become pregnant. Because she never wanted kids - like strongly, never wanted them, she was panicking because for whatever reason in her dream it was impossible to get an abortion. She eventually woke up and felt a huge relief. She then said that if that were to happen in real life, she would have to kill herself, implying that giving birth would be a worse fate.
    Now I'm slightly ashamed to say I didn't end it right there on the spot. You know how it is (was). I did say "that's a bit extreme", but left it at that. But I was certainly reeling in my head, I felt like something was saying "get the fuck away". She went back to her normal self (sweet, innocent demeanour), but I couldn't forget it and our spark just fizzled out. I found a new job a month later.
    Of course there are just bad people but I can never forget how her face changed. I've seen it in others too who later turned out to be dodgy, to say the least. And I am starting to see it very, very often among ordinary people. I do believe Convid has brought people's mental illness and demonic possession to light.
    I have had a somewhat similar experience, two females in particular come to mind, there was this sort of shimmering menace that seemed superimposed upon their countenance and it had nothing to do with their facial expression, in fact one seemed to be in a neutral mood yet, I could without doubt say the term anger or rage did not do the sensation justice, I think it sits squarely in the realm of what could be considered as an evil presence and their consequent behaviour in both instances indicated that I was not hallucinating .

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    Re: NEW THREAD: Science, Gravity, Outer Space, Evolution, Perception of Reality, and other brainy stuff

    For those who require the rigor of a more sceintific approach, I would suggest checking out both "project star gate" and "project mkultra" , the information has been declasified so is readily available in the public domain.

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    Re: NEW THREAD: Science, Gravity, Outer Space, Evolution, Perception of Reality, and other brainy stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by Unboxxed View Post
    I've experienced this a time or two. Basically harmless unless too frequent, I guess. You can google "sleep paralysis" for more information.
    I was aware of this but thanks anyhow. What none of the definitions seems to mention though is the theory that you're not actually awake. A bit like lucid dreaming, you're asleep and dreaming that you're awake.

    Just thought I'd throw that in.
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