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    Snopes puts on the chiffon dress

    I don't consult Snopes unless a website might link me to them in the course of their discussion, but I've read a few Snopes entries over the years where I was already particularly well-informed and saw for myself errors that Snopes had made, such that it is not the oracle that others apparently think it is. And now this from Breitbart:

    Nolte: Snopes Announces It Will Now Fight Trump Using ‘Feelings’ and ‘Emotion’

    A picture caption states "Because alternative media is able to counter Snopes’ lies with truth," talking like there has been an ongoing discrediting of Snopes, but I've been oblivious to any of that.

    Hmm... wondering what Snopes website will become. I had not considered them an activist site. It sounds like they will only (further) dilute their reputation.
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    Re: Snopes puts on the chiffon dress

    Even if they are right, it is not the (previously stated) mission of Snopes to do anything about this. It is no more Snope's job to combat Trump than it is for it to launch a mission to Mars. Some people have gained control of a perfectly servicable urban-myth website and are now going to destroy it. Snopes built up social capital. People trusted Snopes, and a big part of that was how it limited its mission to just the facts about prevalent urban myths. Its owners are now going to strip-mine that trust, in much the same way as the rightly-earned prestige of higher learning has been strip-mined by the loans industry.

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    Re: Snopes puts on the chiffon dress

    Modern Democrat= Emotionally driven estrogen based party.

    Not a party I'll take into consideration on anything they say or do.

    They've proven themselves to be my diabolical adversary much like modern women, perhaps one in the same. Oil and water don't mix, nor does emotion and logic mix, but I'll tell you, I'm sick and tired of their persistence to homogenize society with their evil indoctrination. I'm certain they'll be first to eagerly receive the mark of the beast, whereas I'll choose death a million times over than a life homogenized, blended, and bonded to pure evil.

    They make life not worth living, and we have all the social destructive ailments to more that document and prove it!

    Feminism leads to death by social cancer.

    MGTOW and the red-pill are chemotherapy.

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    Re: Snopes puts on the chiffon dress

    Have to admit I’d never even heard of snopes before this, so I looked it up.

    After reading a few of the headlines I have to say I wasn’t remotely interested in reading any of the articles. They seemed to be jumping on the bandwagon of disparaging Trump, that being said maybe if I had bothered to read what they were saying I may have formed a different view.

    It seems today that everybody is being pushed to ‘pick a side’ and leave reason about individual policies and concerns at the door.

    I for one will be having none of it. Your Own Way is the only reasonable way. Will we make mistakes? – obviously – but at least they’re honest, individual mistakes and not a woman in sight to confuse the issue with ‘feelz’.
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    Re: Snopes puts on the chiffon dress


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