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    Re: Is Slacking at Work Morally Justified?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomatoshadow2 View Post
    What's your guys opinion on calling in sick to work? Do you think it should ever be done, if you aren't sick, say for another day off?
    I would say it all depends on the reason.

    I have realised that on the occassions I have called in sick just for another day off I tend to do it again, then again. It took me a while to realise that I had lost interest in the job and it was time to start looking for another.

    However, if you have important matters to attend to like family or finacial problems, sometimes it is just easier to tell a porkie rather than having to explain your personal problems to someone who has no right to know.
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    Re: Is Slacking at Work Morally Justified?

    Quote Originally Posted by Knarley Bob View Post
    The ad said: Wanted, welder $15.00 - $25.00 / hour.
    A man turned in two welds for his test. One was full of pin holes, under cut, and just nasty.
    The other was a text book weld. Beautiful in every aspect.
    When asked what it was all about, the man explained...
    The first weld is $15.00 an hour......
    This exactly proves my point. The government has effectively turned that "$25 and hour" job into a "$15 and hour" job. Some seem to think because it's the taxman doing it and not the employer itself, that it's just okay then and you should give it 100%. Give it 100% when you don't receive 100% of the compensation? If there is a grievance employer, it's not with me but with the taxman.
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    Re: Is Slacking at Work Morally Justified?

    Quote Originally Posted by Opaque View Post
    Again, this would depend on your workplace and the kind of relationship you have with your manager. In my case, it is extremely difficult to take a day off, they demand you bring in a sick note of some sort and will keep asking you 'how do you feel?' in a sly passive aggressive way.

    If you are working in an environment where these things are freely given, including paternal leave etc.. then I would say for sure, go for it. You'll have to make a calculated guess.

    I would have to concur with Opaque. It depends on the organization you work for and how well your reputation is. If your name is mud, you may be let go for even the most minor transgressions. If you have a good reputation and people generally like you, then you have a lot more leeway to take a "sicky" periodically.
    In the future there will be robots.

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