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    What selfies SHOULD look like...

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    Re: What selfies SHOULD look like...

    That is one slick sailplane. I'll bet he reduced the glide ratio, from the extra drag of sticking his arm and camera out the window for that shot -- but it's worth it.

    Damn. I never took any selfies when I was still flying.

    But there's this, on my boat ... (Timer and tripod, not a selfie-stick.)

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    Re: What selfies SHOULD look like...

    Planes to boats. The former air pilot is a ship captain. One of these days I need to skin a fish.

    One thing I regret not doing when I visited the beach annually as a kid: going fishing. Well, one time I did, I was 6. And I caught an damn eel on the back bay of Sandbridge. I was a little petriefed to scream like a girl. I just threw my fishing rod down, ha ha.

    But yeah, a selfie on the boat. Cool stuff. A way of life. For me it be me with one of my former bands. Good thing that other people took photos of those shows.

    As cool as bands are, I prefer the boat and airplan sail thing for a selfie! Band photos are better if taken by other people. It's not like you can take a picture of yourself while both hands are playing your instrument live!

    Plus, something just cooler, the elements. Sky and water already covered. (Take off of that "land, air, sea" military slogan). Good stuff!

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