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    The Oppression Olympics Backlash

    This has been a thought racing in my head for some time now. All of these priviledged groups that receive special treatment because of politics are basically pointing targets of their backs. There is a growing resentment being felt by those that are getting tired of people claiming to be "oppressed".

    Everyone in the western world is playing this game to decide who is more "oppressed" so they can receive the special government incentives. Minority groups of all sorts are clamoring over being the most oppressed group because victimhood equates special favors.

    I foresee a backlash coming from those to are choosing to remain silent. I can feel in my bones that there is a growing resentment towards those who think they're "victims" somehow. In my neck of the woods, tensions seem to be rather high. No one voices it directly but there is something in the air.
    I know I'm being a bit vague here but I have my reasons for this.

    Do others think that there will be a societal backlash from all of the cultural Marxism being pushed?
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    Re: The Oppression Olympics Backlash

    Will there be a backlash from the general public? Possibly, but I doubt it will be much of one.

    For years I’ve heard people gripe and moan over various things that have happened over the years and yet do nothing about it, hell when it comes to politics I’ve even seen them vote for people they were cursing just weeks beforehand. It never made sense to me.

    As for those that are rioting there may be a bit more of a backlash but only to get them to cease and desist, once that is accomplished then all will be quickly forgotten as far as the culprits are concerned. There may be a few token prosecutions but that’s as far as it will go (unless things escalate a lot further).

    I remember a conversation I had with one such person years ago. Every time we met he would complain about a certain political decision that was causing concern here for many and would offer comments about what should and shouldn’t be done about it. Demonstrations were being organised across the country.

    So during one of his rants I said to him that I’d heard of one such demonstration being organised, let’s go join in. I didn’t really have much desire to go myself but wanted to see his reaction. He immediately calmed down, backpedalled, made excuses not to attend and never brought the subject up again.

    Generally speaking, people like to talk the talk but once put on the spot it’s an entirely different matter. All they want is someone else to sort out the problem for them.
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    Re: The Oppression Olympics Backlash

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackoff View Post

    Generally speaking, people like to talk the talk but once put on the spot it’s an entirely different matter. All they want is someone else to sort out the problem for them.
    Yeah more than likely, no one is going to do anything until it gets bad enough. Only when inaction will yield worse results will people anty up. I do think once it's not politically viable to make excuses for protected groups, people will not anymore.
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