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    Working man's politics....

    None of the pundits, or "College educated Idiots" can figure out what happened in 2016, and are afraid it will happen again in less than a year. They think they have the pulse of the nation, but alas, don't have a clue. The elite's run the country, and don't care...follow the money. ON EITHER side of the aisle. Democrat/Republican are opposite wings of the same bird. (Vulture) They pick the carcass (Citizens) of what ever meat they can, and tell us how great full we should be for them taking care of us so well.

    Well, a few years ago, the carcass got tired of being picked clean so to speak, and elected some "Outsider" that hadn't been feasting on them. Some one who said, "Here, lets put some meat BACK on the table." The vultures are FAT enough. And, of course, the vultures complained! "Oh he is bad, he is evil, who would ever do such a thing.?"
    Ever seen a documentary about Africa? The squabbling after a kill? You get the point.

    Nearly 4 years later, after all the whining, crying, investigations and down right lying, what do the vultures have to say? The same thing they said about 4 years ago. Now they want us to let them, crawl back onto of our carcass and start feeding again. And about 1/2 of the people think that is a good idea? They think that they SERVE the people that they elect. As tho they are a worker bee in some giant hive. How has this come about? From a liberal indoctrination is how. And where is this most prevalent? Colleges. "Liberal Arts" is one of their main stays. Where did most, if not all politicians go to school? It sure wasn't a Vo-Tech. Nor on the job training.

    Now, can the children of "The worker bee's" of the hive afford these lofty places of education? No, but the elites can, and do, and continue to rule. But unfortunately for them, there are more worker bees, than queens. And with all that lofty education, they haven't figured that out. None of us "Blue Collar " workers will EVER be able to afford running for office, and they know that. BUT once upon a time, one did, and will perhaps do it again....OMG The sky is falling.
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    Re: Working man's politics....

    I can still remember Bob Dole saying that the Republican party needed to "learn how to talk to the American people". Trump knows how, and I think that scares some Republicans.
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    Re: Working man's politics....

    Hey Bob, Where I live they resorted to grinding our bones, the meat is long gone! We exist for the sole purpose of extraction for the benefit of others and determent of self (lawyer land USA)

    America (the land of the free) is bones, bone meal, ashes, and dust where I live! All promises of hope and a better future are NULL&VOID, as degradation and legal destruction grip and hold this land.
    A man's only "safe space" be in his sovereignty, free from the illusions and misconceptions of a unity that only serves to bind him to tyranny and perdition.

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