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Thread: India's Sons

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    India's Sons

    I came upon this on fakebook, it's good to see that men/people are fighting back against the false rape accusers. Movie will come out in 2020, and I'll probably watch it some time on a free channel like Putlocker. Here's a trailer:
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    Re: India's Sons

    False rape accusations should worry every guy no matter where in the world they are from. I'll be adding this one to my future watch list. Thanks for the link.
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    Re: India's Sons

    Wow I didnt hear about this... damn I live in a cave... /facepalm !

    Btw, before you guys make up any mental image of society and men/women here, let me give one small detail which foreigners often miss when listening to stuff related to MRA movements in India. Here, a very large number of couples, live in the same house with the parents of the husband, along with his unmarried siblings (often younger).

    So if some false rape or whatever happens, it becomes trauma for ENTIRE family, which includes women (mother, sisters, aunts etc). There was a video I have seen somewhere where the wife of a guy was beating his mother (an old woman) very brutally with a stick.

    My point is, its not like we are somehow magically LESS gynocentric than the west, its just that some women also end up being victims of this metoo bs, and then the playing field gets somewhat more even.
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