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    The importance of security cameras to protect your innocence, property, reputation, and life!

    I run into stories like this and rest assured I'm being recorded all the time with Eye-max CCTV, Dash cams, and personal body cam when needed.

    People lie and make up stories all the time, be it for personal gain, vendetta, or attention, either way, with the lack of moral honor that's been allowed to fester by lack of prosecution it's only logical that one protect themselves, their property, their reputation, and their lives with the latest technology that wipes out every vestige of a lie and clears your name immediately allowing you to go freely unscathed without charge! These days only fools go without recording devices for every setting where others will lie, cheat, and steal without remorse or compromise.

    Arm yourself with real defenses that cost less than any lawyer that can't help you anyway, your life becomes the toss of a coin and the security systems you didn't invest in become 10X the value of gold ounce for ounce! There's no excuse anyone can make when caught on camera lying, cheating, or stealing!

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    Re: The importance of security cameras to protect your innocence, property, reputation, and life!

    Twelve years old and I bet she is getting full-ride scholarship offers from colleges. Meanwhile, those three boys will always have the pallor of the accusations following them for life.

    There is literally no benefit from being around females of any age. The risk of false allegation is just too great.

    The next epidemic will be teen daughters accusing their fathers of abuse when any form of discipline is enforced.

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    Re: The importance of security cameras to protect your innocence, property, reputation, and life!

    Had one of these for a few years now, quality is not great need an upgrade but it's easier to conceal than getting out a phone. Never go out at the weekends without it.
    Thankfully only needed it once when a nasty fight kicked off in a pub, burned the footage on a disc and posted it anonymously to the owners next day.
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