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    Idiot veegan suing Burger King.

    Burger King is being sued because some veegan bought an impossible burger, but it was fried on the same surface as the meat ones were. So is claiming that the "burger" was tainted with "meat stuff".
    Good God get a life. Besides as Burger King points out, they never promised it would be "Veegan" aproved. I guess you couldn't call the customer a "WEENIE" so I supose a "TURNIP" would do, no?
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    Re: Idiot veegan suing Burger King.

    If people are rushing to these substitute meat items because they think they are healthy, one must remember than these are still processed foods. Chemists work to calculate the flavor and texture.

    Does being vegan mean you can eat meatless junk food with pride?
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    Re: Idiot veegan suing Burger King.

    It an't even meat! Serve it to her RAW!
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