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    Harvard is not a university

    "Harvard is not a university.

    It stopped being an "institution of learning" long ago.

    Harvard is actually an investment firm, that has a small marketing division, which in turn dabbles in "education."

    It markets the Harvard "brand." It probably makes more money in licensing the Harvard name to put on on mugs, sweat shirts, etc. than it does in tuition.

    The most expensive piece of Harvard banded "merch" is the diploma. It is also the most overpriced.

    The "education" division of Harvard, Inc., is designed to:
    - select and recruit future high-income/high influence students,
    - put the Harvard "brand" on present-day influencers through teaching positions,
    - indoctrinate them into supporting and strengthening the brand, post-graduation,
    - eventually solicit funds from the vetted/indoctrinated graduates for Harvard Investments in the form of alumni donations.

    For Harvard, the Harvard education experience is a "loss leader."

    Many frogs are kissed, but a higher percentage of their frogs - compared to other schools - become princes and presidents, sit on corporate boards, direct banks and bureaus.

    Restricting foreign students isn't a problem because it is a loss of foreign money, but because it is a loss of future foreign influence and access.

    Harvard isn't about America, it is about Harvard.

    Whether this is going to be another American Century, or a Chinese Century, or even one dominated by the aliens from Alpha Zibulax Galaxy, Harvard wants "their people" to have a seat at the table and running things behind the scenes."

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    Re: Harvard is not a university

    Sam, this is very true. I myself went to an Ivy League (not harvard) school for my masters degree. I think it's also interesting to consider this from the students' perspective.
    I once had a professor tell me in privacy something along the lines of 'In my cynical moments I think I should invite all my students outside to burn their textbooks in a bonfire. The only purpose of you getting a degree here is to show prospective employers you meet baseline intelligence levels and are driven enough to do this for 4 years and take on the debt. Your actual knowledge and learning while here is almost irrelevant.'
    That said, maybe this is just true in bullshit fields like business/polisci/psychology (not to mention, of course, gender studies lol). I am sure the standards are a bit better in math and science and there are truly some geniuses at harvard there. Even there though, things are getting eroded by the day via movements like the forcing of women into STEM, credentials be damned.

    At work, I have seen year after year a new crop of Ivy Leaguers come from the 'best and brightest' schools. I have to tell you that, especially in recent years, their actual intelligence level have stunned me. Many are in fact smart and you can tell have high intellectual horsepower. But far more than I'd expect are just not up to par. They are willing to work and they will use every trick to their advantage (get on a bunch of non work related committees like gender and other groups, etc.) but when it comes to the nuts and bolts they really arent that bright. The levels of indoctrination are also at an all time high (though this is somehwat off topic). The women coming from here attempt to get men fired for the smallest thing like it's another notch on their belt. When they fail they openly complain about having not taken another scalp and I have even seen statements amounting to open competition amongst women about who could get more fired.

    I think from Harvard's perspective they are basically the same as globalists which is as you describe -- as long as they can maintain their overall grip on power structure deep down they do not care about the primary community they serve (USA) or even their own students. Everyone there knows the place is going to hell in terms of the majority of students no longer respecting rules of free debate and thought and basically becoming mobs, and no one cares because they still get the lion's share of the really smartest & driven ones from across different pools of power like USA, China, etc. to continue their true objectives which you outline.

    Honestly if I wanted a foothold in global power structures I would take the best of the best at harvard. But if I wanted to simply build a decent team of thoughtful, smart and hardworking people to get shit done I'd take someone from, say, Penn State honors program over the median harvard grad anyday.

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