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    What do your friends say is wrong?

    Does your friends and relatives believe that the country and/or world is on the wrong path? If so, what do they believe is the cause and how to fix it?

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    Re: What do your friends say is wrong?

    my parents follow news little to none, but have spirited opinions. they have no opinion about the economy, except that the government is wasting money and messing things up.

    i've never spoken politics or current events to anyone i know remotely near my age.

    i'm a macro person, so i see the declining birth rate, declining marriage rate, increasing mechanization, increasing single mothers, changing demographics, and take it for what it is.

    i also see that the economy is changing, and i see people on who called the economy changing, and then got their forecast wrong. they also mysteriously called the silver top one or two years ago.

    the next thing i read happening is the college bubble, which is why the government is thinking about giving free community college to put money into college to keep it from bursting so bad.

    so the economy is changing, and MGTOW is a positive sign that we can think about things better than we used to.

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    Re: What do your friends say is wrong?

    If one tries to talk about that here in Canada, all one usually gets is a shrug and: "What can you do about it?" End of discussion.
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    Re: What do your friends say is wrong?

    Nope. My parents are cookie cutter progressives - so more government will fix everything. Every Democrat = good, Every Republican = evil. Same with friends because that's just who you tend to meet in college. I have one friend who is prone to interest in conspiracies like I am, but we both don't really get involved in the political sphere. The rest of my relatives are mostly cookie cutter tradcons. I have one uncle who thinks outside of the box, but he still blindly supports liberal candidates. Nobody I know thinks men are getting screwed at all. If I say something like that I get looks like "lobsters are crawling out of my ears".

    All in all, I'd say nearly everyone I know thinks the world is getting better and better every day. They think globalization and technology will literally solve everything. All the problems in the world boil down to humans acting irresponsibly - they "all just need to get along".
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    Re: What do your friends say is wrong?

    Re: What do your friends say is wrong?

    We should be allowed to round 'em up, put 'em in a field....and bomb the bastards.

    Or have mandatory Cleo Rocas with her massive knockas:

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