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    Red pill truth in old myth

    Hi guys,

    I just started to interprete old myth (greek myth) in the way they used to be. Means to not interprete them like a pussy begging mangina... I just read some interpretation about pandora or medusa and realy wondered how someone can not see what the guys meant that wrote these originals. They did not meant anything else as what they actualy wrote. And manginas interpretations are worth nothing! Thats what i now know in regards to old myth too!
    So i just took a look at that medusa myth and tried to take out all the actions of this whore called medusa. So what are the character traits of this special whore one might ask. Pretty easy when someone can read! She broke an oath, she is not loyal, she seducced or wanted to F*** poseidon (you could say she wanted to F*** with a married man) and was an outlaw because of that. She now turned the MAN to stone who saw her (YES indeed, because every man should have a stone as a heart to not have empathie with a whore) Simple as that. Dont open your heart to any slut like medusa was.
    I think these myth also told us man how to see these sluts and whores and what a man has to do to save his own sanity and self respect. IT also functions as a way to tell woman dont do anything that medusa did otherwise we (the society) outlaws you.
    So this topic here is maybe about the real truth about old myth related to the man vs. woman relationship. Because it is versus them and not with them!

    That was just a little start but i was a bit enraged how manginas and feminazis interprete these old myth in their own delusional way!

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    Re: Red pill truth in old myth

    Cultural bias plays hell with translation, just as you say. And it is characteristic of Woman (I capitalize the word to signify a great generality), whose most potent weapon is misdirection and deceit, to twist and bend and transmogrify history into a grand texture of self-serving myths. How would they do any differently with mythology, if they have the chance!

    Interesting to note that Medusa's head was adopted by feminists as a symbol for female rage. Even more interesting that fashion-house Versace uses a Medusa-like head - beautified and blank-eyed, with snakes in her hair rather than snakes for hair - as their logo.
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