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    Being the Nice Guy

    Being The Nice Guy

    We all know the stereotype.

    Nice Guys Finish Last

    There's a dilemma though about this. Unless you're aware of it. There appears to only be two options. The Nice Guy or The Asshole.

    Some men can't or won't (For good reason) let themselves become the asshole. Turns out they don't have to.

    There's a middle ground and this covers. A few basics here, which you'll have to develop that'll help establish one

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    Re: Being the Nice Guy

    Its old news. It's like a burning fire. You can hope it will go out on its own or you can take action and put it out yourself.

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    Re: Being the Nice Guy

    Taking action looks like the best bet in this case

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    Re: Being the Nice Guy

    I haven’t bought in to the whole good guy / bad guy thing since I was a kid, that’s if I did even then.

    The movies like to portray these concepts maybe as a form of manipulation but I think it’s probably because it makes the story easier to tell and understand and thusly more entertaining on a basic level – everyone knows who the bad guy is by the end of the movie. This can then permeate into the general psyche where we try to identify who the good and bad guys are just like we were watching a movie.

    I’ve met people from many walks of life and while some indeed are complete fuckers and some are complete simps, most are just doing their best to get through life; they will be cordial until a situation arises that they are not prepared to accept and can then turn nasty as a form of self-defence. Fair enough. And this applies to both those with criminal records and those without.

    My take, be respectful of others until you have reason not to but don’t give them your respect until they’ve earned it, if that makes sense.
    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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    Re: Being the Nice Guy

    Be the honorable man is essentially what you're saying I think?


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