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    Meta Ideology: A hill finding game

    Its been quite a while I started a new topic.

    And here I wanted to talk about something which was a common undercurrent, in several of discussion I participated on this forum. But before I do that, I'd like to describe a term and a little game.

    The term is "local maxima". In a very layman simplified terms, its some numeric property associated with each point. Some points can exhibit higher value, some lower value. So a point which exhibits higher value than all its neighboring points, is a "local maxima", a maximum within a local region of that point, and its neighbors.

    Now you can imagine that numeric property to be height. And then you can imagine, each local maxima is basically a hill. A hill farther away can be higher, but you still have to DESCEND a bit, before you can reach that higher hill. In this scenario, lets add a few rules and it can be viewed as a game.

    First trule, lets assume for some reason, you desire standing on the highest hill you can find. So if you see a hill higher than yours, you go there. Secondly, there is fog, and thus there is only so far you can see. Which means, you might be standing on a hill and can see no other hill within your sight range which is higher, now what to do ?

    This game, is somewhat analogous to ideology/philosophy of life, while the height being success because of it. You current philosophy is local maxima within your sight region. Your sight region consists of all the different ideologies which you have concrete idea about. But what about the "meta-ideology" ?

    The meta-ideology is, in terms of this analogy, the method you use to find out the hill where you went to spend your life on. You may be consciously using some method or it might be completely subconscious. But I have only seen three methods so far, conscious or not :

    Meta-Ideology #1: Wherever I end up, I go to nearest hill !

    This is pretty much the animal instinct default. The blue pillers are doing that, even most red pillers are doing that. Following your own ideology is just this. The advantage is, it requires least effort and comes from instinct. You stay put until and unless you are forced to relocate. You can be forced for one reason or another. A blue piller might be forced to adopt a red pilled ideology because bad shit happened in life. Which is its disadvantage. You are basically a sitting duck for whatever the long term defects of this hill/ideology are, and are pretty much bound to get hit by it unless extremely lucky.

    Meta-Ideology #2: Sticking to some particularly known very high hill.

    This is religion. You trust a small group of similarly minded people, and use them to figure out a comfortable spot. Sometimes this can happen the other way around. Other people can force a religion, either by indoctrination or threat or both. The advantage is, atleast in case of some religions, there is a very long track record and data available. Not only it can be very successful on its own, but you can mix and match it with method #1 to adjust it to your taste. This is what I find religious people, especially purple or red pilled people doing. They are not adopting any one single religion word to word from a textbook, but still heavily influenced by its teachings.

    The drawback ? Its advantage can become a drawback, if you find yourself competing with people within it. Because its a very comfortable local maxima, there are no higher hills within a large radius, you dont get much, if any, advantage over other people, of the same religion. If you say this doesnt seem like any disadvantage, you are not in a competition, well yes, this is what I am about to address before I discuss method #3.

    Both the above methods, hinder you because they impose quite a bit of rules on you. You may say "oh well, I can get advantage by lying and stealing, but that doesnt mean I do it". Yes, you will be right, I am not talking about the rules which say dont steal or dont lie. Even if you remove everything that inflicts some damage/harm to other people of your group, the rules are still too tight. If you are NOT in any competition and sailing through your life care-free (like many mgtows), then its good. It means you have found the hill where you will spend rest of your life with mental and physical peace, hopefully, as long as the drawbacks of method #1 doesnt hit you within your remaining life.

    But what if you ARE in a competition ? Either because you have to for one reason or the other, or maybe you are just thrilled by it. Maybe mental peace is not what you are after ? Yes, a small number of people do belong to that category. I do. But there are many times where you have to participate in a competition. You have to win. I am not talking about MGTOWs only, I am talking in general sense. The people with still intact family, facing economic crisis, HAVE TO win.

    For them, there is a third method :

    Meta-Ideology #3: Cartography

    As the name implies, this method relies on maps. And not just maps but identifying patterns on the maps. And then taking a calculated risk, based on the odds from the patterns. Maybe you see a chain of hills each increasing in height and may wanna descend down from your current hill if only to take a look in that direction. Thats the disadvantage: Its a lot of hair-splitting work !! This is the lots to gain, with lots of pain method. The advantage is, if you do this from early years and keep doing it for good enough time, there is a high probability that you end up at a REALLY high hill. And not only that, but should you get knocked over from there, you have all the maps with you, which you can use to quickly adjust your strategy and get yourself a new hill within no time.

    This is not an intention to advertise my own "ideology" so to speak, but I am mentioning it here because this is the reason why I consider it superior to MGTOW, in some cases. Both that and MGTOW are meta-ideologies. MGTOW doesnt tell you to follow any ideology, you go your own way, find your own hill, and then gives some info about some things to avoid. That other ideology, gives a lot more info on map making, hill finding and also about finding valleys to avoid other than the commonly known ones (women, some religions, government, etc).

    And this is what I learn from internet in regards to ideology. I am not interested in a precise ideology to follow. Do this, and do that, and dont do this and dont do that. I am interested in cartography. I will use it to find my own hill, my own way of life and ideology. And so far, other than MGTOW and this other one, I have found none. But its a LOT of success with just these. In competitions in life I care about, I often have a lot of metaphorical "high-ground" !

    So thats it. Maybe this wasnt too long a read and precise enough. And may also hint to where I come from, in many other discussions.
    Unless stated otherwise, I am NOT presenting my preferences.

    Preferences can be views, thoughts, opinions, philosophies, morals, values, ideology, imaginations, fantasies, fictions, god, soul, spirit...

    I am using scientific method, its an algorithmic computation, designed to give highest efficiency and chance to win in a conflict, at a very high cost of mental discomfort of not adhering to preferences and spending time and energy on the computation.

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    Re: Meta Ideology: A hill finding game

    Which means, you might be standing on a hill and can see no other hill within your sight range which is higher, now what to do ?
    You make sure your bindings are free of ice, goggle are clear of fog, take a couple deep breaths, then drop over the edge and stick a bombhole landing! Then shake it off after you catch your breath from having your knees slam your chest knocking the wind out of you! Why? What do you do?

    the method you use to find out the hill where you went to spend your life on
    I look for snow quality, snowfall amount, steep terrain, features, no crowds and no lift lines (off peak days when everyone else is working). The state of Utah has the best snow conditions on the continent, but wouldn't wanna live there, life in prison for stepping out of line, and you know how I feel about lines!

    Meta-Ideology #2: Sticking to some particularly known very high hill.
    Jay Peak's headwall under the tram, and Mad River's 1948 single chair where you ski over granite outcrops laced with scrub pine so thick the only way down is on top of the pillows of snow that cover it! Or doing inverts on the superpipe at Killington after tearing up the terrain park!

    Meta-Ideology #3: Cartography

    As the name implies, this method relies on maps. And not just maps but identifying patterns on the maps. And then taking a calculated risk, based on the odds from the patterns.
    They teach that in flight school, things like 1,000 ft. TV transmitting antenna arrays, no fly zones, falling dude zones (parachute jumpers) and ATC controlled airspace (until a drone wanders in), and VOR's used as stepping stones for transcontinental navigation. All on paper!
    Marriage, dating, divorce, and breakups, are on the rocky road of female empowerment, a road that goes nowhere else but misery and hardship.

    What if I told you there's another road, a road less traveled, a road straight and narrow, free of bandits, checkpoints, taxes, and tolls?

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