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    Lessons Learned 3: Donít Build Her Up In Your Head

    Based on a couple of events that occurred in my life. Both were different and both played a big part in why I went MGTOW. On the surface, they didn't appear all that much the same. Taking time out to engage in serious self-reflection and meditation they had much more in common than I considered.

    Keep it real engaging in too much thought on how things will go in your head will create expectations. These Expectations will then have to be met, so keep it real concentrated on your life first

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    Re: Lessons Learned 3: Donít Build Her Up In Your Head

    Yeah, it's very easy to get carried away with romantic fantasies of how things will play out. Very rarely do things actually work out that way, but the fantasies are so pleasant, they are hard to resist, especially when you're swimming around in the neurochemical soup of infatuation or romantic love.

    Discovering the reality can be painful, but it's a good lesson. We learn to see through the fantasies.

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    Re: Lessons Learned 3: Donít Build Her Up In Your Head

    Was a serious hit both times. Both times for me this happened when there were other external issues also playing at me.

    That was why Lesson Learned 1 was about being aware of your state of mind and being

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    Re: Lessons Learned 3: Donít Build Her Up In Your Head

    I have noted a many times that a lot of women don't like too many compliments, especially more meaningful ones as they don't feel they are worthy or can live up to it. They can see the man building them up and they know they aren't anything like what is being described. Not all women but some women will actually put out little hints and warnings to the guy if he is awake enough to actually be paying attention.

    I've found that thinking a woman is an Angel or whatever just because she happens to look like one is the first trap.

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    Re: Lessons Learned 3: Donít Build Her Up In Your Head

    Know that trap quite well

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