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    Applying Fight Club to our life

    Has anyone here seen the movie, Fight Club? In my opinion, this movie provides great knowledge on life. There are so many layers to its edgy philosophy, that it is easy to be caught up in its surface messages.

    The movie tells us that we chase what we are told to chase rather than chasing what we need. Society has us chasing status, money, and luxury possessions. What do all of these have in common? They can all disappear in an instant. This spells danger to those who base their identities on these elements in their life.

    We're all human here, I know it feels fucking great to be seen in a sports car. You feel like you're above everyone else on the road. The car feels comfortable and the sound of the engine melts you in your seat. You worked long and hard for this and you want to enjoy it.

    Picture this, you're driving down a highway at 80MPH. You feel like you have finally beaten the man. Suddenly, without warning, the car in front of you breaks. You have no time to break and you end up violently crashing into it. Your head smashes into the steering wheel knocking out your front teeth. The front of your car is trashed to pieces and most likely written off. All of those long hours you worked extra for have now seemed not worth it. The man has taken back the control of the wheel to your life. If you once prided yourself on your looks and car, they are now gone with a huge impact.

    The same could be said for your average family man who is dedicated to his wife. Take away the wife and then the family, said man becomes depressed and suicidal. He has lost all identity. He then takes anti-depressants as shields for the arrows life throws at him. He isn't staying with the pain, he is simply placing his mind elsewhere.

    This is the most dangerous thing you can do. Some people turn to drugs, alcohol and even hypnosis. The problem is you're not fixing the problem itself, you're just putting water on a chemical burn without neutralising the burn itself. Fight Club teaches this in the iconic scene between the narrator and Tyler Durden. Tyler Durden, puts lye on the narrators hand and it begins to burn. Tyler holds onto the narrators hand so he cannot escape. The narrator suddenly goes back to his conditioning, and uses the techniques he was taught to relax himself in the cancer therapy sessions. He begins to imagine a cave trying to take himself away from the situation. Tyler slaps the narrator back to where the pain is and asks him to stay with it. He asks him to stop ignoring it.

    This is something I have applied to my own life. Have a nagging girlfriend? Stop ignoring the pain and eject her from your life. Do you have a thinning hairline? Shave your head and become the next space monkey sent into space. Has your penis been cut off and chucked out of a moving car? Well, I feel for you man I do.

    Who are you? Simple question. It isn't hard and it isn't easy. Some will say their name, others their personality characteristics. What is interesting is our personality characteristics and name do not define us. If they did, we'd have a million identical Donalds running around in America. I truly believe it is our decisions that define us. If you're not living a fulfilling life, your body will let you know. The first thing your body does is it goes into depression mode. The inner you is saying 'fuck you' to yourself as you ignore the pain and its cause. Happiness is then taken away from you.

    I just know a lot of people here are living lives for others rather than themselves.

    If I have hit a chord and you wish me to continue with the post let me know.

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    Re: Applying Fight Club to our life

    I'm doing the Matrix trip but not the second or third Matrix.

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    Re: Applying Fight Club to our life

    That is a great and entertaining post Shogun Ronin.

    I am a bit late on the reply to the post but I must say the "Fight Club" became one of my favorite movies. I like the concept of minimalism being preached and how the narrator mentions that after a month, he didn't miss the TV . The movie teaches us to focus on the things that truly matter and let go of things that do not. I find that there is something truly liberating in doing what you want to do and not letting possessions, a job, or a woman control what you want to do.
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    Re: Applying Fight Club to our life

    I watched Fight Club the other day for my first time. It's a 20-year-old movie by now and it was a little different than I thought it would be after hearing the reverence for it over the years. Kind of a strange movie with [do not talk about fight club] to explain it. I knew from the first several minutes that I was watching artful expression.

    The advice about things owning you was a good reminder we can all think about. In fact the praise I hear from others is about the parts of the movie that does not involve the fighting club. It's almost like two movies were weaved together. The fighting was added so enough audience would sit still long enough to hear advice about life that would not otherwise be sought.
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    Re: Applying Fight Club to our life

    I've never watched the movie because I assumed from the hype at the time that it was just another story of a guy fighting his way to the top with no real depth. I now know different and will add it to my watch list.

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    Re: Applying Fight Club to our life

    Interesting concept. I like the way you thought of that. What most people don't do is live for themselves. People need to focus on themselves. We as men know that we are pressured to marry some bimbo and pop out kids then support her. Notice I didn't say them. Mostly the kids will be taken from you by the state and you will have no pay all types of bullshit money to her. Your analogy is so true about the depressed man that loses his family. I actually know a guy going through that right now. EVERYONE turned on him and took her side. But what gets me is they were all good friends at one time. In a moment's notice it was all gone for him. He is just told to "move on" and "deal with it". Glad I'm MGTOW and never have to deal with that shit again.

    Don't fall for society's pressures. Its all hype and bullshit. Let's say the so called "happily married couple for 30 years" that lives down the street. Are they really that happy? Nope. They probably argue all the time behind closed doors. You are probably thinking why dont they just divorce then? Mindsets were different 30 years ago. As you get older you stop evolving and just become set in your ways and stick to what you know.

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    Re: Applying Fight Club to our life

    I'm very cautious about checking a movie out if it has a lot of hype but "Fight Club" really resonated with me.

    I had a bit of a slip-up recently and started buying things that I could of waited on. These are things that will add value to my life but sometimes I get a bit carried away. I'm not a minimalist in the strictest sense but like to practice minimalist principles in my life. Albeit, staying out of debt being number one.
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